Sunday, October 18, 2009

End of an Era

Following General D'Zastre's abysmal performance in the invasion of the Soweiter League, especially his less than stellar actions at the recent battle of Sachertortenwald, the general has been recalled to the Batrachian court. His replacement is an old soldier and hero of the War of the Boar and the French Onion War, General Fin de Siècle. General de Siècle is well-liked by the common troops and seen as a down-to-earth soldier. On the other hand his recall from retirement and promotion to commander-in-chief of the Batrachian Army in the Soweiter theatre is not sitting well with some of the younger generals. It especially rankles with General Napoleon Soleau, who expected to be appointed to command the invasion after the abrupt departure of General D'Zastre. General Soleau, while honoring the general for past service to the empire, sees the general as well past his prime ("the old man should've stayed in his estates enjoying his quiet life in the country").
General de Siècle arrives with reinforcements, the Pandour Grenadiers de Blasè, commanded by Colonel Boldizsar Paprikash, formerly of the Bossanovan army (Colonel Paprikash had to flee from Bossanova after being suspected of honorable dealings with enemies and underlings). Also commonly known as the Paprikash Grenadiers.