Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wild Geese, Scottie, Cattle, and Cats

The full compliment of Wild Goose Chasseurs have arrived. It only remains for me to make a flag and varnish the troops. (next on the painting desk is the rest of the Queen's Musketeers)
Scottie (very simple paint job - black basecoat, very light drybrush with the darkest gray I have), another Highland cow and a couple of calves

And since a few people asked for pictures of the cat - the Lion of the West guarding the troops (including a few of my GW dwarves on the top shelf, GW wood elves on the second shelf, and mostly Celtos minis on the third shelf, with a couple of HirstArts pieces mixed in).

It's Summertime...

Monday, July 14, 2008

New troops on the way for Batrachia

First up, one of The Wild Goose Chasseurs - the rest should be arriving by the end of the week.
This is a unit of cavalry with most members originating from the Island of Ere, and commanded by Colonel Padraig "Paddy" Baron de Fois Gras.

Next, an officer of Queen Marie Suzette's Royal Musketeers. More of this unit will be mustering in the coming weeks (hopefully to be completed by the end of the month).

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Gathering of the Clans

First unit of the Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders completed (except they still need a flag - need to get ink for my printer...). A closer look at the command figures.

And the 2 pioneers - I plan to make 2 more so I have at least 1 stand of these guys (hmm, just noticed you can't see the axe heads on either axe in this photo).
The basic infantry (musketeers, bonnet men) have white cuffs and facings. The pioneers have green. I did a few variations on the plaids. I think I'll make 3 units of basic infantry and group together similar plaids (for example, one set has green and red predominating, another has green and blue tending towards lighter colors, a third has green and blue tending towards darker colors).
Maybe I'll use different light colors for the cuffs and facings for each unit (yellow for one, maybe light blue for another).
I also plan to make a unit of grenadiers (and may keep them in bonnets), with red cuffs and facings.
I haven't decided if I will do artillery men. If I do they will likely have dark cuffs and facing, maybe a dark blue or black, and maybe black feathers in their bonnets.

Not sure if there will be any cavalry or light infantry (the latter would likely be in "hunting tartans"). I could end up with a whole, albeit small, army of Highlanders...