Monday, July 14, 2008

New troops on the way for Batrachia

First up, one of The Wild Goose Chasseurs - the rest should be arriving by the end of the week.
This is a unit of cavalry with most members originating from the Island of Ere, and commanded by Colonel Padraig "Paddy" Baron de Fois Gras.

Next, an officer of Queen Marie Suzette's Royal Musketeers. More of this unit will be mustering in the coming weeks (hopefully to be completed by the end of the month).


Martin said...

Fierce looking opposition for the Soweiters! It should make for some very hansome photos of both sides in action. I'm looking forward to further postings. Keep up the inspiring work! (It really is appreciated by the rest of us who follow along.)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hey, I really like these figures, especially the musketeer officer. You just can't beat a light blue coat with pink facings!

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks for the comments! Really helps me to keep plugging away.
Well, it's more a very pale gray, which is how I do white on most things. I think it's just the photo that makes it look a bit blue. (now maybe one of these days I'll have to do a Cardinal Gardelieu's Guard - red and yellow?)

Oh, yeah, for the Chasseurs I used British Dragoons, and for the musketeers I am using the same British hatmen that I used for the Jingleheimer-Schwartz musketeers in blue and yellow (what a difference colors can make, huh?). All from Foundry.

CWT said...

Very nice figures, and excellent painting. Even the basing is nicely done! Keep up the good work...