Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wild Geese, Scottie, Cattle, and Cats

The full compliment of Wild Goose Chasseurs have arrived. It only remains for me to make a flag and varnish the troops. (next on the painting desk is the rest of the Queen's Musketeers)
Scottie (very simple paint job - black basecoat, very light drybrush with the darkest gray I have), another Highland cow and a couple of calves

And since a few people asked for pictures of the cat - the Lion of the West guarding the troops (including a few of my GW dwarves on the top shelf, GW wood elves on the second shelf, and mostly Celtos minis on the third shelf, with a couple of HirstArts pieces mixed in).

It's Summertime...


tradgardmastare said...

Wild Geese look great - as indeed is the cat!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I concur . . . but I think that the cat looks a bit more fearsome than the Irish Geese . . . that's a great photo of him atop the display cabinet.

-- Jeff

rpardo said...

The Lion of the West is almost identical to Igor. This also is having a nice time but the summer here is more hot: 35ºC almost everyday!

Capt Bill said...

My lads send them greetings to The Lion of the West...Billo

Martin said...

Hi Fitz,

Ha, ha, ha! That is a great name for a cavalry regiment! (I may have to "borrow" it, since it appeals so much to my sense of humor.) The additional cattle will come in handy for any "Livestock Redistribution Plans" that your Highlanders may have.

Killian is looking pretty fierce too! GW Dwarfs! Excellent! How many of the bearded ones have you collected? Usually when the boys and I play Warhammer, my persona is Naug Stonesplitter, Warlord of the Hammerthumb Clan.



Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm in southern California close to the desert so we also get plenty of summer days 35C or more. Hot dry weather is hard on painting. The paint is almost dry before you get it from the brush to the mini!

I'd have to count up the dwarves, but I think it's in the hundreds. Zurik Frostbeard is the name of my dwarf king (king of the Beerstone dwarves; there are also the Firestone dwarves, who delight in gunpowder weapons, and the Freestone dwarves, more likely to be found outside the caverns, and the Smorgasborg dwarves, norse dwarves who live on their own island of Smorgasborgen.).

tidders said...

like the cavalry and the cattle


-- Allan

Stokes Schwartz said...

Good looking figures! I'm particularly fond of the Scottie dog, but your Lion of the West comes in at a close second. ;-)

Best Regards,


Adik said...

I love your cat! Wish my two kitties would limit themselves to guard my miniatures, rather than actually playing with them - and chewing on the terrain...

abdul666 said...

Hello Fitz-Badger,
thanks for your message - I'm just back on-line for a moment, then severed from the internet for 3 more weeks.
You've been more busy than a whole anthill these times - congratulations!
The Wild Goose Chasseurs look great, of course, but their English-sounding name is... disturbing for a 'Batrachian' unit. Then what about Chasseurs d'Oie?. The was a 'regiment d'Eu' at Fontenoy, so a monosyllabic name is not unlikely.
Best wishes,

Fitz-Badger said...

Good to hear from you, Jean-Louis! I hope you're having a good time! :-)

Thanks for your welcome input!

That could be their Batrachain name... (maybe work in "folle" - if that's the right word, or something to convey a similar pun as the English name I have here?) The thing about "wild goose" is it conveys/combines the English expression "wild goose chase" (hence, chasseurs rather than dragoons or other cavalry designation), as well as the "Wild Geese" Irishmen who served in foreign (that is, non-Irish/non-English) armies.

abdul666 said...

Hello Fitz-Zurik,

I did not know (or had long forgotten) the 'wild goose hunting' expression, so I discerned only a 'simple' pun with 'chasseurs' (hunters) and 'wild geese' (game - and Irish mercenaries of course). So I'm rather embarrassed to suggest a 'batrachiophone' name conveying the same 'double' pun!
Good indeed to be back on-line!