Saturday, December 15, 2007

Artillery and Holidays

Offenbach gun and crewman. The other crew members are on holiday leave (haven't been painted yet). (proof that the Offenbach Tuba Works is still in business)

A little vignette of previously shown minis and an old inn I built with Hirst Arts blocks a while back (blocks for the ground story, foamcore, wood, etc. for the upper story).
Townsfolk cheering on troops as they head into winter quarters.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nothing to See Here

Move along...

No pictures this time. The only completed minis I have painted this week are a few reinforcements for the 2 units of Batrachian Observation Army musketeers I painted recently (I realized I had a few more minis). Other troops are being prepped (artillery and cavalry and other stuff). Hopefully I can get some completed before the holidays take me away from the painting desk. The other thing that has been occupying some of my time is a bit of documentation - more on that later if it works out well.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Batrachian Dressing, Doggerel and Intrigue

General D'Zastre of the Batrachian Observation Army getting dressed while out in the field.

The Poet Laureate of the Soweiter League, Wm. Doggerel, is seen here reading to a couple of ladies of the court in a secluded garden spot.

Next, the famous musician and fiddler, Boneau of Ballyfoole, gives a performance.

Hamish MacSporran, delegate and council member from Saxe-Urquhart, discusses the League's finances with the Minister of the Purse, Countess Gretl von Pfennig-Pfynch.

This unsavory-looking character may (or may not) be an agent (spy) of a certain middle Uropean country (Bossanova).
scene: backroom of a royal palace in a middle Uropean country
"Great disguise, Vizzini!"
"Ya, but pipple keep tossink coins in mein coffee!"
"Any progress on the Batrachian matter?"
"Da, your excellency, it von't be long before some military activity occurs. Heh heh..."
"Excellent work as usual, Vizzini."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Anti-Gravity Device

Doctor Benjamin Franklinstein has invented an anti-gravity device for the movement of soldiers.

But seriously, I have been making movement trays out of black styrene with thin rare earth magnets sandwiched between 2 sheets of plastic. I made 20 2 inch by 2 inch trays for infantry (holds 4 miniatures) and have enough plastic left to make 11 2 inch by 4 inch trays (which would fit 3 of my cavalry), but need to order more magnets before we can move cavalry on the anti-grav devices.
The black plastic is ok as is, but I think I'll try painting some trays green to better match the minis' bases and my terrain pieces. Have to see if the paint rubs off over time sliding minis on and off the trays.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Evening News

Hear ye! Hear ye! Here is the evening news!
The Soweiter League wants to give thanks to our brave militia who recently defended Offenbach from foreign invasion. Pictured here is one of the brave lads, who had to return to town for musket repair. The rest of the militia are currently residing in the land of M'Wockie.In other news:
scene: marketplace -
Diminutive figure spotted running from the scene of an altercation, silver pig tucked under one arm
local 1: "Was that the piper's son?"
local: "Tom-Tom? Looked like him, but the clothes look odd and does he have five-o-clock shadow?"
Scene 2
Later, in the backrooms of a royal palace somewhere in eastern or central Urope -
dim. figure: "Da, I haf brought it, ze zilver pik."
Boris the Boar, King of Bossanova: "Ekzellent, Vizzini! And no one zuzpected anyzing?"
dim. figure: "Nein, I am, as zey say, ze master uf dizguize."

Foreign troops spotted in the area around Offenbach by local farmers. From the pale uniforms with yellow facings it appears these are members of the 2nd Battalion of the Batrachian Observation army. Members of the 1st Battalion were spotted previously in the same area.

Local Farmers Spot Foreign Troops
1st farmer: "Yup, they wuz furriners. Talked all funny like."
2nd farmer: "Ja, dat is correkt. And dey wore white uniforms."
3rd farmer: "Zees ees treu."
1st farmer: "They said they wuz just looking. Maybe they wuz tourists."
2nd farmer: "Ve told dem you can't get dere from hier. ha ha"
3rd farmer: "Hi, mom."

Farmer's wife: "Hay."

This edition of the evening news has been brought to you by the Dairy Farmer's Association KUHE. "Gott milch?"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Uniforms and a Flag

Just to see what a coat or vest and trews might look like if done up in plaid...
The flag of Bossanova, known as the "Boar Sinister".

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The first tartan here is similar to a "real world" Urquhart tartan as shown in one of my reference books. Other possibilities are shown below.

Next up, some possible uniforms for the regular infantry of Bossanova. The actual cut/style is unknown at this point, but as they are described as "foreign" Soweiter artists chose to use the same Tippelbruder templates as are used for the Batrachian forces.

Finally, some of the Batrachian forces. The first 2 (the light blue and the light yellow) are confirmed from actual examples (that is, I have painted toy soldiers in these colors or close facsimiles thereof).

As always, the Soweiter League offers much thanks to David Linienblatt (sp?) of Tippelbruder for generously providing wonderful uniform templates for all and sundry!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Batrachian Vexillology, part deux

Here it is, ze national flag of Batrachia.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Batrachian Vexillology

Work in progress (needs cleaning up quite a bit):
2 variations on infantry flags, with the famous Batrachian golden fox. I like the version without the black outlines (and I know it violates the rules of heraldry to have metal on metal, but rules were made to be broken - ha ha). Also thinking of other variations...

Naval/marine flag? ;-)

I also have a somewhat fancier national flag in progress...
Input is welcome, as always, but we reserve the right to follow our own quirks :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Batrachian Observation Corps and Highway Robbery

First up, the (in)famous husband and wife team of highway robbers, Dennis and Amanda Moore. (could they be in the pay of the Soweiter League as scouts/spies?)

Next, the first regiment of the Batrachian Observation Corps ("we're just looking..."). Those with sharp eyes may notice some of the men are wearing bandages (such as the drummer). That's to show they are veterans and have seen action (even if they aren't actually wounded).
Their flag has not been delivered yet (which is to say - I haven't designed it yet, but have ideas I just need to try out).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Batrachian Commerce

Petit Cote - After a long sea voyage imported items are brought ashore while the official inspector of the Batrachian Ministry of Commerce and Smuggling looks on to make sure the business is conducted appropriately and quietly in the dark of night and that the government gets its share of the import duties.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

More citizens of the League

First up, the Princess Mairidh Kaellaigh MacGhilleachudhaigh (or Mary Kelly McGillicuddy) of Ballyfoole

Next, the Earl of Flynn in his highwayman costume as seen while representing the Soweiter League at the recent Grand Ball in Frankzonia

Last, but not least, the respected astronomer, man of science, and professor at the University of Soweiter, Giovanni Schlepperelli, along with his son Nicolo

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Royalty and Natural Pfilosopfy

Queen Marie Suzette of Batrachia recently seen strolling the fabulous gardens at the Palace of Versale.
Le Comte Buffoon on the left, and Pfrank "Bring-Dem-Bach-Alive" Bach on the right. Currently these 2 pre-eminent natural pfilospfers are consulting with the newly arrived Tradgardian scientific expedition concerning the nature of a wild boar captured by Herr Bach on a recent expedition.
When not teaching at the University, curating at the Museum, tending the Botanical Gardens or conducting various experiements, the Comte can often be found in the local countryside, in the woods or the Batrachian marshes, studying nature's creatures. Herr Bach, when not overseeing the Menagerie, is often away on far-flung expeditions capturing specimens for the Soweiter National Menagerie.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Mayeux Musketeers Have Arrived

The Mayeux Musketeers, led by Colonel Jacques D'Artagnan

Friday, August 3, 2007

More troops on the way

Proposed uniform for the Mayeux Musketeers (I decided to use the musketeers minis for this and save the Fuselli Fusiliers design for when I actually have some fusiliers to paint :-). The coat is a dark blue (even darker than it appears in this rendition, I think), light blue lapels and cuffs, with gold/brass buttons and yellow lace, with white gaiters. Commanded by Colonel Jacque D'Artagnan.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Vexillology part 2

More flags.
First - The Heisenberg-Hasenpfeffer flag
The banner of the Hasenpfeffer-Heisenberg Hussars

The flag of the Duchy of Grand Thidwick

The flag of Mayeux

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A brief history lesson

Having recently returned from a brief Summer recess the council is awaiting the arrival of more forces for the Main Army under the command of General Warshington. In the meantime here are some snippets of the history of the region known colloquially as Leggoland.
  • 234 BC The Batrachiae settle in the marshes northwest of Leggoland
  • 456 AD Waldorf is founded by Waldo Holzhacker; at first it is little more than a woodcutter's hut in the woods
  • 789 Moggyars invade Leggoland, are distracted by bits of string and mollified by offerings of fish. While a few settle in the region most leave to invade other lands
  • 1213 Mongrel Hordes on fast horses overrun Leggoland, passing right through from east to west
  • 1214 Mongrel Hordes again overrun Leggoland, from west to east
  • 1215 Mongrel Hordes overrun Leggoland, from north to south
  • 1217 Mongrel Hordes overrun Leggoland, from south to north
  • 1218 Not finding a decent map Mongrel Hordes miss Leggoland completely
  • 1616-1669 The Thirty Three and One Thirds Year War, Battle enactors from the various countries in the Leggoland region dress up, march around, have picnics and barbecues and feasting, three-legged races, and general merriment

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hussars, Lions, Badgers and Boars!

The Heisenberg-Hasenpfeffer Hussars arrive in Soweiterstadt.
The Hasenpfeffer-Heisenberg Hussars command, lead by Colonel Oddkugel (in the middle).
And some of the animals in the Soweiter National Tiergarten -

That pre-eminent natural pfilospher from Pfennig-Pfarthing, Pfrank "bring-dem-back-alive" Bach has identified this as a Scandalusian Badger.

Herr Bach says this is a Stagonian Vile Boar.

And what's a zoo without a few lions (now we just need some lionesses!).

Monday, July 16, 2007

From the Days of Legend

A couple of dwarf lads from the Highlands (Fantasy minis I painted a while ago and finally finished off).

Population Increase

More people are appearing in Soweiterstadt, from the high and mighty like the general to more humble servants like Chives, from young to old to the "commanding" presence of officers and banner bearers. The new government is establishing its capital.
(looks like someone needs to mow the grass, though)