Saturday, December 1, 2007

Batrachian Dressing, Doggerel and Intrigue

General D'Zastre of the Batrachian Observation Army getting dressed while out in the field.

The Poet Laureate of the Soweiter League, Wm. Doggerel, is seen here reading to a couple of ladies of the court in a secluded garden spot.

Next, the famous musician and fiddler, Boneau of Ballyfoole, gives a performance.

Hamish MacSporran, delegate and council member from Saxe-Urquhart, discusses the League's finances with the Minister of the Purse, Countess Gretl von Pfennig-Pfynch.

This unsavory-looking character may (or may not) be an agent (spy) of a certain middle Uropean country (Bossanova).
scene: backroom of a royal palace in a middle Uropean country
"Great disguise, Vizzini!"
"Ya, but pipple keep tossink coins in mein coffee!"
"Any progress on the Batrachian matter?"
"Da, your excellency, it von't be long before some military activity occurs. Heh heh..."
"Excellent work as usual, Vizzini."


MurdocK said...

Someone I saw did the dressing general with a little bit of tinfoil in the 'mirror', it worked great!

Reference your magnetic bases, I have been using such a system for more than three years now.

Great for 'flexibility' in being able to have the mini's used in a skirmish game (1-1 scale) or on bases for the 'bigger' games (50-1).

Bluebear Jeff said...

Wonderful figures. Very nice.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Very nice vignettes, each a story in itself!
And I notice that of the two ladies entertained by the Poet Laureate, one seems in deep sleep and the other is looking away in distress...


abdul666 said...

Delayed comment to your 'Highlanders uniform' post, re. your comment on Hesse-Engelburg:

Which of the uniform variants on display did you choose for The Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders?
More precisely: green or red 'facing' color? (Then, what about: red Grenadiers, yellow [or light blue] Fusiliers, green Chasseurs?)

Just curious
P.S.: the 'musketeers in tartan' were not "real": not yet, but what about *dragoons*? Maybe with the blue bonnet rather than a tricorn... The kilt, I suppose, is not very confortable when riding...

Fitz-Badger said...

Murdock - interesting idea with the tinfoil.

Jean-Louis - I probably won't decide until I actually start painting some minis (which I don't have - yet). I would love to do a whole army (well, a small one anyway) of Highlanders some day (maybe some in tricornes and some in bonnets? possibly other headgear, too). We'll see...
You did notice MC (Member of the Council) MacSporran is wearing Urquhart tartan trewsers and waistcoat, didn't you? :-)

Fitz-Badger said...

Oh yeah, Doggerel's poetry may be just a step up from Vogon poetry. LOL

tidders said...

Nicely painted figures

-- Allan

Stokes Schwartz said...

You've been very busy since last I visited. Wow! Figures and uniforms, and flags, and bases galore. Great work and a feast for the eyes!

Best Regards,