Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nothing to See Here

Move along...

No pictures this time. The only completed minis I have painted this week are a few reinforcements for the 2 units of Batrachian Observation Army musketeers I painted recently (I realized I had a few more minis). Other troops are being prepped (artillery and cavalry and other stuff). Hopefully I can get some completed before the holidays take me away from the painting desk. The other thing that has been occupying some of my time is a bit of documentation - more on that later if it works out well.


abdul666 said...

(or is it Fitzbadger, as in Fitzjames?)

Of-topic here, some (totally unsollicited: retired people hav etoo much free time!) musings about the Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders.

Since you seem to balance between different facing colors, what about having more than one, using 'flanl companies', even iof purely decorative / cosmetical?
Thus * red cuffs for grenadiers, * green one for the 'light' 'left flank' company,
* white (or light bue or yellow?) or perhaps even better that light yellowish-green (on both sides of the red-orange line) of the Urquhart tartan, for the 'centre companies' (not 'hat' ones, here!)?

As for the ribbon 'cockade' on the bonnet, it is more likely of a common 'regimental' color (as I understand it, the League does not have a 'national' color?).
Then, the French contingent sent to the AWI wore two superimposed cockades, so -you're more than enough a talented painter- you could envisga something similar to increase the 'color diversity' of the headgear -regimental + 'company-type' cockades superimposed / mixed?

OK, I've bothered you more than enough!


peterfarmer57 said...

Excellent update!

Please, no more pics of ugly figures, painted badly.


Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks, Jean-Louis! You always give me food for thought. Never a bother. :-)