Friday, May 20, 2011

The Case of the Missing Lynx

Missing Lynx Found! 
This mascot of the Ballyfoole Musketeers, seen here with an officer of that regiment, has been spotted.

Meanwhile, Lord Burleigh Throckmorton (in the red coat), Duke of Cummerbund, Major General of Grand Thidwick forces, is seen here consulting with Colonel Bailey (in the green coat) of the Ballyfoole Musketeers. 

While more tribesmen gather in the hills.

Tricorne officers and cat are Foundry. The Pathans are Old Glory, if I recall correctly.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flags for Mongooses?

I finally came up with a flag design for the native Djalhian troops seen in
I don't have any references of what Indian flags of the 18th and 19th centuries look like so this is all from imagination and open to revision if anyone has any good suggestions (with pictorial examples, if possible). The unit is known as the Djalhi Mongoose Regiment to westerners, and is commanded by one Captain R.T. Tavi.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ballyfoole Expedition to Afrodesia Marches Again

The Illustrated Ballyfoole Gazette
"Where we never let the facts get in the way of a good story"
Second Expedition Explores the Interior of Afrodesia
Using funds raised after their first, and very successful expedition, the Ballyfoole contingent once again set out to further explore the interior of Afrodesia. The jumping off point this time was from the edge of previously explored territory. The expedition was once again led by Captain Flynn, with O'Ryan the hunter and McGillicuddy the scout. They were joined by crack shot, Maggie O'Hara. Two soldiers from the Gunderland Highlanders, 4 askaris and 14 bearers were also present.

Day 1 they head west into the jungle and discover a new animal species. They also come across a village of friendly natives.

The column, seen here marching along near a stream.

Day 2 the terrain turns mountainous and they discover a new plant species. They encounter 8 hostile slavers. The first indication they had was a round of shots fired towards the rear of the column, killing 1 askari. The noise stirred up a huge crocodile in the nearby stream and a lion in a nearby patch of jungle. Both beasts charged towards the slavers, who were close by.
Things heat up quickly! Slavers and a lion and a crocodile!
The Highlanders fire back at the slavers, killing one of them. Meanwhile the explorers and askaris at the head of the column swing around to the rear to face their attackers.
While 1 slaver struggles against the crocodile and another fights the lion the rest of the slavers fire again. This time striking and killing one of the Highlander soldiers and narrowly missing Maggie. The expedition members, now in position, return fire. Flynn and Maggie each kill one slaver. The remaining slavers fire back, but don't hit anyone this time. Could be they're getting a bit shaken up between the beasts and the expedition's accurate fire. The expedition fires again, with the remaining Highlander soldier avenging the death of his comrade and 1 askari doing the same. The few remaining slavers decide they've had enough and make a run for it.
The expedition buries the dead soldier and askari.
The slavers are slowly whittled down

Day 3 is pleasant and uneventful, but McGillicuddy, the scout, is having difficulty finding a way through the mountainous terrain.

Day 4 while unsuccessfully searching for a way through the mountains the expedition encounters some treacherous quicksand. One askari, a trade bearer and an empty bearer are sucked under before they can be rescued.

Day 5 another quiet day while McGillicuddy still searches for a way through the seemingly impassable mountains.

Day 6 Drums in the Night. The morning reveals 3 trade bearers, 1 food bearer and 2 empty bearers have deserted. Finally McGillicuddy finds a way through the mountains, into more mountains.

Day 7 they discover a high mountain. They also encounter a village, but the natives eye them suspiciously and no trading takes place.

Day 8 monkeys get into the baggage destroying one food load. Stuck in the mountains again!

Day 9 while searching fruitlessly for a way through the mountains the expedition comes across an ancient ruined temple and gather up 5 loads of loot. All of their food has been eaten, lost or damaged, but O'Ryan the hunter manages to bag enough game to feed the party.

Day 10 they discover a new plant species
McGillicuddy finds a way through the mountains into more mountains. The party is attacked from the rear by a small band of 4 hostile tribal warriors armed with thrusting spears and clubs. 
Hostile native warriors attack a reduced column!

As the hostile warriors approach the rear of the column the Highlander turns and fires a shot, killing 1 of the warriors. Meanwhile the explorers and askaris move to face the attack.
The warriors charge towards the column, but the combined fire of the explorers, soldier and askaris wipes out the remaining warriors.
Hostile native warriors dispatched
No food today. One empty bearer succumbs.

Day 11 while searching unsuccessfully for a way out of the mountains the party encounters a sinkhole, nearly losing a bearer, the Highlander soldier and Maggie, who were all saved at the last moment.
Still out of food and no game to be found. McGillicuddy succumbs to starvation. Looks like luck wasn't with him on this trip. That's the way things go in Afrodesia sometimes.

Day 12 still looking for a way through the mountains. No luck. Bad water kills 1 askari and 2 loot bearers. O'Ryan manages to bag enough game to feed the remaining party members.

Day 13 Quiet day, nothing happens. Still stuck in the mountains, but O'Ryan bags more game so the party is well-fed.

Day 14 they discover a lake and a way through the mountains and a much reduced expedition returns to their jumping off point.

This expedition spent several more days out in the field than the previous one, but only covered about half the ground, with much time taken up trying to navigate their way through torturous mountain terrain. Sadly, it was the last trip for several expedition members. They will be mourned in city and native village.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogger Award

So, I'm guessing anyone who reads this will know there's this "Stylish Blogger [s]chain letter[/s] Award" making the rounds. I have mixed feelings on it. I don't care for chain letters, which this bears a striking resemblance to. The way it's set up it seems hardly a blog will go un-awarded. On the other hand, it seems it is helping some people find blogs they hadn't come across before. On the other hand (wait, that's three hands now?), I'm not sure I can find any blogs to nominate that haven't already received it so maybe it's best to just let things stand. Basically, every blog you can find in my recently updated blogs list could be a candidate.

Two bloggers whose blogs I enjoy have nominated this little blog for this and I appreciate their noticing my stuff, slow as things have been lately. They are as follows:

Conrad Kinch's
Joy and Forgetfulness
Always a delight to read about his wargaming projects, and other happenings

Always full of enthusiasm and ideas for new projects and more

Thank you both (more for your blogs than for the silly "award")!