Saturday, December 15, 2007

Artillery and Holidays

Offenbach gun and crewman. The other crew members are on holiday leave (haven't been painted yet). (proof that the Offenbach Tuba Works is still in business)

A little vignette of previously shown minis and an old inn I built with Hirst Arts blocks a while back (blocks for the ground story, foamcore, wood, etc. for the upper story).
Townsfolk cheering on troops as they head into winter quarters.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nothing to See Here

Move along...

No pictures this time. The only completed minis I have painted this week are a few reinforcements for the 2 units of Batrachian Observation Army musketeers I painted recently (I realized I had a few more minis). Other troops are being prepped (artillery and cavalry and other stuff). Hopefully I can get some completed before the holidays take me away from the painting desk. The other thing that has been occupying some of my time is a bit of documentation - more on that later if it works out well.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Batrachian Dressing, Doggerel and Intrigue

General D'Zastre of the Batrachian Observation Army getting dressed while out in the field.

The Poet Laureate of the Soweiter League, Wm. Doggerel, is seen here reading to a couple of ladies of the court in a secluded garden spot.

Next, the famous musician and fiddler, Boneau of Ballyfoole, gives a performance.

Hamish MacSporran, delegate and council member from Saxe-Urquhart, discusses the League's finances with the Minister of the Purse, Countess Gretl von Pfennig-Pfynch.

This unsavory-looking character may (or may not) be an agent (spy) of a certain middle Uropean country (Bossanova).
scene: backroom of a royal palace in a middle Uropean country
"Great disguise, Vizzini!"
"Ya, but pipple keep tossink coins in mein coffee!"
"Any progress on the Batrachian matter?"
"Da, your excellency, it von't be long before some military activity occurs. Heh heh..."
"Excellent work as usual, Vizzini."