Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guide and Sikh

I finally got back into painting and finished a few figures.

First up, a Guide from Foundry. There are a few more on the painting desk waiting to be painted, but I wanted to try color schemes on this one first.

Next, Teatray's Sikhs. I'm not sure I like the turbans. I always have difficulty getting nice straight even lines. I think they actually look better in the photo than in person.

A pair of tigers lurking in the brush.

Sikhs and tigers also from Foundry.

They have seen the elephant - African elephant from Northstar, with Indian elephant from Foundry for comparison. This put a big dent in my "lead mountain"! He's all metal, 4 parts but not a lot of empty space, and is pretty hefty. In scale I figure he's about 13 feet tall.