Friday, December 25, 2009

A Hippopotamus for Chrsitmas

I haven't been totally idle on the gaming front, but I don't have anything finished to show yet. I've been working on another bridge and a building, prepping minis for painting, doing some preliminary painting, etc.

Just to show off some of my Christmas goodies: A hippo from Foundry. I bought this and some other animals which will make appearances here as they get painted. I've always included some animals in my miniature collections. Way back when I was in my teens (and even before) buying the Airfix plastic sets, I remember having the Tarzan set with several animals.
And a new table to take the place of my old card tables for gaming. This is a very sturdy (and Heavy!) table that collapses down as you see it here. In this state the tabletop measures 20 by 40 inches. By pulling out one side and flipping over the top it can be expanded out to 40x40,. Pull it further apart and add 1 or 2 drop leaves and it can be expanded further to 40x56 or 40x72. The "drawers are just decorative, not functional. It would've been nice if the width was 48 indtead of 40, but even as is I think it makes a good gaming table. (Now I just need to "break it in".)

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!