Friday, February 19, 2010

The Garde N'est Pas

The Garde N'est Pas of the Batrachian Empire lined up in the town plaza for inspection. Their commander is Colonel Francois le Comte de la Blanc-Mange.

These are from Foundry's new French SYW range. It's a mixed lot in terms of quality. These garde figures are similar to Foundry's other SYW range, but there are some fusiliers with a decided lean to the right (and I'm not talking about politics - it's more like one leg is longer than the other) and a drummer who has two right hands! When most people turn their hands palms up their thumbs point outwards. The fusilier drummer has his left hand palm up, but the thumb is on the inwards side. I modified him so his thumb is now on the correct side (maybe devaluing him as a collectible? ha ha).