Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prelude to Battle

The Battle of Sachertortenwald is currently in progress. The battle report will follow once the battle ends. Here is the initial situation when both sides spot elements of the other side.
This is based on scenario 22, "Making the Best of a Bad Job", from "Scenarios for All Ages" by Grant and Asquith. I cut off part of the map and left some forces off the table to accomodate my smaller table. In addition I tried using a smaller number of figures in each unit - for example, instead of the 16 minis for a unit of line infantry I've been using I reduced it to 12. It seems to be working fine and is better suited for my space and time. I might try reducing even more if I do scenarios with more units. A far cry from the big (humongous! 60 figure) battalions some use, so it lacks that epic grand look, but it works for me.

Back to the battle... the Batrachian forces (of which only about half are visible at the start of the battle) are lost, strung out a bit on the road ,and only know they have to head east on the road through the Sachertortenwald. At the same time a small force of Soweiter League infantry with one cannon are encamped at the edge of the woods, while their cavalry are off foraging and not likely to appear for the battle. So both sides have to scramble to get ready for the coming battle.

The Batrachians must get at least 60% of their troops through the woods and off the board to the east. The Soweiter League forces have to prevent this from happening.

To be continued...

Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Gnu?

Finally finished painting a few minis.
First, Dr. Mont-Blanc, royal physician to the Batrachian court.
Isabeau la Coquette, the Queen's Seamstress, Batrachia.
(There's a rumor that Isabeau is actually a Monte Cristan...)
brief snippet of conversation overheard:
"I'm not really sure... the last time I saw her she was dressed in a more traditional Monte Cristan manner."
"...heart-shaped birthmark on her left..."
(voices fade away)
Next, James "Two Feathers" Pyewacket, of the Stickiwickit Indians, a woodland tribe located in the vicinity of New Thidwick, a colony in the Americas (if you can call a one horse village a colony...). James teaches mathematics at the University of the Soweiter League.
Molly Smith, apple-seller (and secret agent, shhh...)
Watsi-tu-yu & Son of the Futsi tribe, Askaris since 1742. Usualy hired by Pfrank Bach when he is on expeditions in Africa.
Pfrank Bach's latest acquisitions - a pair of lionesses to join the lions in the Soweiter League National Zoological Gardens...
And some gnus...