Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Winter Solstice!

I decided I might as well face the truth, that this blog and project is pretty much over and done. It was fun while it lasted, but my gaming interests lie elsewhere these days.

I dislike leaving things hanging though, so to wrap things up, here follows the rest of the history of the League and the war:

The war between the Soweiter League and the Batrachian Empire raged on for a while, with both sides becoming increasingly exhausted. In the end the hostilities petered out and peace broke out. The Batrachian Empire descended into revolution and civil war (the royal side wearing the traditional tricorne-era uniforms; while the rebels tended towards the new model of uniforms worn by armies of the Napoleonic era). General Soleau tried to establish a "republic", but was ultimately defeated. The Batrachian royal line merged with the nobility of Mayeaux, with Mayeaux and Batrachia combing to become the kingdom of Mayeux. With the pressures of war gone and the need for cooperation greatly diminished the Soweiter League disbanded, with the various states going separate paths. The Germanic member states joined with and were subsumed into a Germanic confederation (the Confederation of Ostphalia). Mayeux joined with Batrachia, as mentioned, to become its own nation-state. The English-speaking states of the former Soweiter League united into a new nation, which was named Freedonia. And Santa Sofia remains on its own as a micro-nation in the hilly wine country somewhere between Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Any future miniatures, games, or other hobby stuff, will be posted in my other blog, Tales of Mirth.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!