Sunday, April 18, 2010

Milling Around

My latest building project - the old stone mill. Could make for a good defensive position on the river. Made from mdf board and other bits of wood. The river sections are also made from mdf board, with the river and banks painted on. I like the way my painted road sections look so I decided to try the same with river sections. Unfortunately this just about exhausts my supply of 1/8 thick mdf board and no one seems to sell it around where I live any more. They tell me they don't sell enough of it so they don't carry it any more. They won't seem to order a couple of pieces either.
The mill lifts off leaving a stone foundation that can represent a small stone jetty.

p.s. While killing time at the bookstore today (a dangerous thing for me to do! ha ha) I picked up the Dover reprint of Winston Churchill's "The Story of the Malakand Field Force", thinking it might be good inspiration for some Colonial games some day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ballyfoole and More

General Jacques von Pflugnickel, of Pfennig-Pfarthing - known to fight on foot alongside the troops as the occasion calls for it.
Previously shown at Gen. on horseback
Isaac Chang, professor of philosophy at the university.
The Malarkey Musketeers of Ballyfoole, commanded by Col. Malcolm Malarkey.
Another Ballyfoole officer.
Captain Caitlin "Kate" Mulligan, Ballyfoole captain of artillery. Inspired by stories of a female artillery officer in Hetzenberg, Kate studied and worked her way to a captaincy in the Ballyfoole artillery.
The figure is a Foundry figure. The face was already less grim than many of Foundry's SYW miniatures, maybe meant to portray a younger officer. I simply added the indication of breasts with a bit of "greenstuff".
Molly McGuire, sometimes known as Molly Pitcher,vivandiere for the Malarkey Musketeers.
It's not always easy to find suitable figures for this purpose.

All miniatures shown here are from Foundry