Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ballyfoole and More

General Jacques von Pflugnickel, of Pfennig-Pfarthing - known to fight on foot alongside the troops as the occasion calls for it.
Previously shown at Gen. on horseback
Isaac Chang, professor of philosophy at the university.
The Malarkey Musketeers of Ballyfoole, commanded by Col. Malcolm Malarkey.
Another Ballyfoole officer.
Captain Caitlin "Kate" Mulligan, Ballyfoole captain of artillery. Inspired by stories of a female artillery officer in Hetzenberg, Kate studied and worked her way to a captaincy in the Ballyfoole artillery.
The figure is a Foundry figure. The face was already less grim than many of Foundry's SYW miniatures, maybe meant to portray a younger officer. I simply added the indication of breasts with a bit of "greenstuff".
Molly McGuire, sometimes known as Molly Pitcher,vivandiere for the Malarkey Musketeers.
It's not always easy to find suitable figures for this purpose.

All miniatures shown here are from Foundry


David said...

Really like all the personality figures - splendid!



abdul666 said...

Any and all full of character; your 'Mary-Amadeus' is specially convincing!


Chris said...

Truly beautiful painting!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nicely painted figures . . . great personalities, sir. I look forward to seeing them in a larger setting (such as in battle).

-- Jeff

justMike said...

Nice job! Your little nation is taking on some colorful character,... or is that characters. Ya' gotta love the Irish. Well done. - Mike (St. Maurice)

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks for the comments!
Jeff, I do hope to get a few more battles in this year. :)
I'm really enjoying the Ballyfoolians and plan to do more of them. New recruits are on the way even as I write this. They will need some cavalry, some light troops, and who knows what else...

Rafael Pardo said...

Dr. Chang?... An oriental in the old Europe? ;-p

tidders said...

Splendid stuff; lovely painting

-- Allan