Sunday, March 21, 2010

Equinotical Celebrations

In the Principality of Ballyfoole, member state of the Soweiter Leage, March 21st, also known as St. Finagle's Day, is a day of celebrations and awards, feasting and games, fireworks and decorations, and of course, wearing of the green.

On this day Ballyfoole, represented by Prince Seamus and Princess Caitlin O'Toole, are honered and pleased to award to Ilse and Hans of the Frundsberg Frei Stadt the Ballyfoole Order of the Griffin for their key roles in rescuing Seamus O'Malley, a young nobleman serving in the Frei Stadt's freihusaren, from a grisly death at the hands of enemy forces. See and previous posts from that source for more details on the events surrounding the rescue.
The Ballyfoole Order of the Griffin


Bluebear Jeff said...

And these awards are well-deserved too.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I'll have to create my own awards, so that I can hand out one or two myself.

- Steve