Sunday, April 29, 2012

All Quiet. Yeah, Too Quiet.

My apologies for the lack of posts (over 2 months!). I've been busy with so-called "real life", work, travel, etc. Nothing bad and much of it good, but it often leaves me too exhausted to do much with gaming-related hobby stuff the times I'm at home. Hopefully things will slack off a bit soon! Still, I have been making some slow progress on painting miniatures (but probably have too many different ones on the go) and some new terrain pieces. Hopefully I can get some things finished up before May has come and gone!
In the meantime, I'm still alive and kicking.
I recently watched a movie titled either Northwest Frontier or Flames Over India (seems like both titles were showing at different times in my netflix instant queue). It's a good movie and seems like a good source of inspiration for a NW Frontier/India game. The main stars include Kenneth More, Lauren Bacall, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Herbert Lom, among others. The basic premise is an old run-down train is recruited to try to whisk away a small group of people from a besieged Indian town garrisoned by British forces.
I also watched a lesser B movie called Khyber Patrol (with Raymond Burr as an Afghan soldier, which was something to see. He was actually quite good. The movie itself was fine if you take it as it is.). This movie could also provide some inspiration for Colonial games.