Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Gnu?

Finally finished painting a few minis.
First, Dr. Mont-Blanc, royal physician to the Batrachian court.
Isabeau la Coquette, the Queen's Seamstress, Batrachia.
(There's a rumor that Isabeau is actually a Monte Cristan...)
brief snippet of conversation overheard:
"I'm not really sure... the last time I saw her she was dressed in a more traditional Monte Cristan manner."
"...heart-shaped birthmark on her left..."
(voices fade away)
Next, James "Two Feathers" Pyewacket, of the Stickiwickit Indians, a woodland tribe located in the vicinity of New Thidwick, a colony in the Americas (if you can call a one horse village a colony...). James teaches mathematics at the University of the Soweiter League.
Molly Smith, apple-seller (and secret agent, shhh...)
Watsi-tu-yu & Son of the Futsi tribe, Askaris since 1742. Usualy hired by Pfrank Bach when he is on expeditions in Africa.
Pfrank Bach's latest acquisitions - a pair of lionesses to join the lions in the Soweiter League National Zoological Gardens...
And some gnus...


Bluebear Jeff said...

I particularly like the first figure (perhaps because he's shaped sort of like I am).

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Great-looking characters, and rich of potential!

Glad to learn a little about the oversea colony(ies?) and expeditions of the Soweiter League. Always thought [pre-]'Victorian' colonial wargaming can be done with minis in tricorns, and that rulers of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations tempted by such a campaign -Bluebear Jeff, ColCampbell- can try their hand at it with only the 'locals' to be bought and painted.
Isabeau reminds me of Constance Bonacieux, but fully able to face Milady de Winter in more than equals terms. And James "Two Feathers" Pyewacket, of Oumpah-pah and Mani (Monica Bellucci's Sylvia character is largely at the origin of the Monte-Cristan 'Service').


johnpreece said...

I like the purple waistcoat. The figure has the gravitas to carry it off.

The gold is rather impressive. May I ask what paint you use to get that splendid glitter?

I have not managed anything as good since I ranout of Rose Pale Gold powder.


abdul666 said...

Is Molly Smith nicknamed 'Pussycat, per chance?

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks guys!
John, for gold I use Vallejo's brass paint over a black undercoat. Seems to work well. Sometimes I do a second coat of the brass for large areas, but not for something like the coat edging.

I forgot to say all of the minis except for the Queen's seamstress are from Foundry. They have some new animal sets out which I will likely buy for myself for my birthday. :D
The seamstress is from Blue Moon's Swashbucklers, Rogues and Desperados set. (so she is equivalent to Madame Bonacieux) A little out of period, but I don't care. :D
When I was painting James Pyewacket I was thinking of Mingo, Daniel Boone's Indian friend from the old Daniel Boone tv show I loved watching as a kid. Daniel Boone was played by Fess Parker, who also played another coonskin cap wearer, Davy Crockett in the Disney films.

tradgardmastare said...

Well done - some lovely figures...