Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogger Award

So, I'm guessing anyone who reads this will know there's this "Stylish Blogger [s]chain letter[/s] Award" making the rounds. I have mixed feelings on it. I don't care for chain letters, which this bears a striking resemblance to. The way it's set up it seems hardly a blog will go un-awarded. On the other hand, it seems it is helping some people find blogs they hadn't come across before. On the other hand (wait, that's three hands now?), I'm not sure I can find any blogs to nominate that haven't already received it so maybe it's best to just let things stand. Basically, every blog you can find in my recently updated blogs list could be a candidate.

Two bloggers whose blogs I enjoy have nominated this little blog for this and I appreciate their noticing my stuff, slow as things have been lately. They are as follows:

Conrad Kinch's
Joy and Forgetfulness
Always a delight to read about his wargaming projects, and other happenings

Always full of enthusiasm and ideas for new projects and more

Thank you both (more for your blogs than for the silly "award")!

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