Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Batrachian Observation Corps and Highway Robbery

First up, the (in)famous husband and wife team of highway robbers, Dennis and Amanda Moore. (could they be in the pay of the Soweiter League as scouts/spies?)

Next, the first regiment of the Batrachian Observation Corps ("we're just looking..."). Those with sharp eyes may notice some of the men are wearing bandages (such as the drummer). That's to show they are veterans and have seen action (even if they aren't actually wounded).
Their flag has not been delivered yet (which is to say - I haven't designed it yet, but have ideas I just need to try out).


Bluebear Jeff said...

They are looking good. I can't wait to see their flag.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Nice looking infantry.

With those two highway'persons' about I expect there is a local scarcity of Lupins.

-- Allan

abdul666 said...

Very good-looking French-like infantry! As a Froggy myself I feel flattered: eager to see more!

Dennis and Amanda Moore could instead be in Stagonian pay, did you not know that? 'They' have spies and agents everywhere. Then D. & A. could even be in 'double pay', how vile this would be!

Now, I can ensure you -from the best source- that (how handsome & cute they may be) they are *NOT* in Monte-Cristan pay. It's true that the (always female, outside the Presipality) Presipapal agents sometimes team with a local male (for any of many possible reason); it's also a fact that it happens to some of them to masquerade as male. BUT Highway Robbery is emphatically NOT their style.


abdul666 said...

Totally off-topic re. Batrachia, but...
I understand that the League has an unit of Highlander mercenaries at Tippel Bruder. Now,
- David complained sime time ago that nobody had used his highlander template, and
- all 'EvE' members (except perhaps the Rulers who can flinch before the extra work, Real Life ™ being what it is) support Frank's suggestion: "you all might post pictures on your own blogs or here what each unit is "supposed to look like" as so many of us like quite unique and individual uniform designs!". So do the uncounted Web roamers who enjoy visiting the 'EvE' world unoticed.

Fitz-Badger said...

Give me your lupins!

More Batrachians will be on their way in due time.
I have downloaded the Highlander templates and will look into using them and posting the results some day.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Is there a Demi Moore in the family as well?

Fitz-Badger said...

to der alte fritz - yeah, she's the half-sister ;-)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hey, I really like your infantry and your highway spouses! Can't wait to see the standard you design for them.

Best Regards,