Friday, November 9, 2007

Batrachian Vexillology

Work in progress (needs cleaning up quite a bit):
2 variations on infantry flags, with the famous Batrachian golden fox. I like the version without the black outlines (and I know it violates the rules of heraldry to have metal on metal, but rules were made to be broken - ha ha). Also thinking of other variations...

Naval/marine flag? ;-)

I also have a somewhat fancier national flag in progress...
Input is welcome, as always, but we reserve the right to follow our own quirks :-)


Bluebear Jeff said...

I wonder what the flag without black would look like with a black or purple background instead of white.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Follow, Fitz-Badger, follow your quirks! For us we'll follow you far further in fancy than a mere golden frog!

As for a banner with gold on white, Batrachia DOES have a very respectable precedent: the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem, no less! And, Batrachia being 'the Elder Daughter of the Church' could have been granted (a great privilege!) with a special heraldic dispensation allowing to copy this glorious & holy pattern from Crusaders time...


Fitz-Badger said...

it looks pretty striking with a black background, but my Batrachians are dressed in white and pale colors (not to say "pastels"), so I think I'll stick with the white background for the flag and light colors (so what if it might be mistaken for a white flag from a distance...).
I'm reserving the dark colors for a 3rd nation (Bossanova, the real "bad guys", evil, dastardly, mayhap even vile, a sort of eastern Uropean country that has not been explored much at this point - at least not by me).

Batrachia is a noble country and even though it will tangle with Soweiter from time to time it will do so with the best of intentions and honor. Batrachia is also a Catholic country and so waht you write sounds fitting. :-)

Bluebear Jeff said...


While my main nation of Saxe-Bearstein is my primary focus, I must confess that their enemy state (Stagonia) has been (and continues to be) an absolute hoot to role-play.

Koenig Maurice has no redeeming qualities. Ne enjoys stirring up trouble . . . so is often involved in fights. Furthermore, I really don't care if Stagonia wins or loses . . . so its fun to turn them loose.

Perhaps Bossanova will serve a similar purpose for you. If you liked the gold-on-black perhaps it will make for good colors for Bossanova (with a different central device, of course).

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

And with Bossanova comes a new source of fictitious Lace Wars uniforms!

MurdocK said...

Now I understand why the 'white flag' used to approach the negotiations at Offenbach was not confused with a French flag.

They must have thought it one of these Batrachian ones!

Great graphics and I look forward to seeing the uniform plans.