Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A brief history lesson

Having recently returned from a brief Summer recess the council is awaiting the arrival of more forces for the Main Army under the command of General Warshington. In the meantime here are some snippets of the history of the region known colloquially as Leggoland.
  • 234 BC The Batrachiae settle in the marshes northwest of Leggoland
  • 456 AD Waldorf is founded by Waldo Holzhacker; at first it is little more than a woodcutter's hut in the woods
  • 789 Moggyars invade Leggoland, are distracted by bits of string and mollified by offerings of fish. While a few settle in the region most leave to invade other lands
  • 1213 Mongrel Hordes on fast horses overrun Leggoland, passing right through from east to west
  • 1214 Mongrel Hordes again overrun Leggoland, from west to east
  • 1215 Mongrel Hordes overrun Leggoland, from north to south
  • 1217 Mongrel Hordes overrun Leggoland, from south to north
  • 1218 Not finding a decent map Mongrel Hordes miss Leggoland completely
  • 1616-1669 The Thirty Three and One Thirds Year War, Battle enactors from the various countries in the Leggoland region dress up, march around, have picnics and barbecues and feasting, three-legged races, and general merriment

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tradgardmastare said...

An excellent history lesson and it will enable historians to see both continuity and change within the League.