Saturday, January 5, 2008

Year in Review (sort of)

I am amazed at the recruitment rate of some of the other ImagiNations. Looking over my figures, as near as I can reckon, the past year I painted around 114 SYW minis (including 9 cavalry, a few riders/horses, 1 cannon, assorted accessories and civilians). Before getting on the 18th century bandwagon I also painted 24 medieval civilians and 12 vikings from Foundry, 30 Celtos minis (including 3 cavalry and 1 chariot) to add to my existing collection, and 5 GW minis to add to my fantasy armies. (I think it adds up to around 200 or so Olley points)
Hopefully I will make better progress on minis for the Soweiter League and Batrachia this year.

This is one of several reasons I don't do big battalions! My hat is off to those sturdier souls who do manage big battalions.


abdul666 said...

A form of 'dispersion' seems to be the fate -not to say the bane- of many wargamers.

Best wishes (specially, but not exclusively, 'tricorned' ones),


Bluebear Jeff said...

Use my suggested method. On an index card, keep a record of just what paints you use for each unit.

That way, should you ever want to expand the unit (or replace a damaged figure), you know just what you used for each color.

If you'd like a bit more on how to approach painting an army, take a look at . . .

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

I have found that once the decision to move forward with the painting projects has an 'energy' with either another player or campaign or series of special battles that you WANT to get to do or be part of that is when the painting 'takes on a life of its own'.

After deciding to pursue the bi-centennial of some Napoleonic battles I found that I was constantly 'prodded' by my own inner voice to move forward with the project!

Having my own moulds also speeds along the process as all I generally need to do is get out 'casting' and the impetus to paint starts to build. Now that the weather is bad for casting, the brushes are flying -> my trick will be to keep both active this coming spring/summer/autumn.

Momentum being the key...

You already have a 'small start' with your forces having many characters...bulk masses are what you may want to start to pursue.