Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Uniforms?

Proposed uniforms for a couple more states of the League. I realize the blue/light blue/white one is similar to the Mayeux Musketeers, but maybe the uniform style is different enough. On the other hand, since they're on the same side it probably doesn't matter if the colors are similar.
Comments, as always, are welcome (helpful ones are, anyway ;-) ).


Bluebear Jeff said...

I like both of these . . . although I think that I like the two blues uniform better than the blue/yellow.

I think that I might like the second uniform a bit better with a slightly golder yellow . . . but I do like the yellow hat tape with the yellow facings.

Good looking designs.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

I do like both of these as well. Though I think it's rather unfair to tempt me with these beautiful templates David did when I know I can't possibly paint cuffs like that anytime soon. :>

abdul666 said...

Both are very pleasant: use both!
That the blue / yellow one somehow reminds me of the US Cavalry in John Wayne movies is not at all detracting, quite the opposite.

A good thing (*almost for once, with regard to Lace Wars historical precedents*) to have two regiments with similar color patterns fighting on the same side!

These new British templates are very popular - probably the extra lacing on the cuffs and lower sleeves, the additional pipping...
How all this will be reflected on 28mm minis?

Now, I'm not sure to be helpful {grin?}


abdul666 said...

Similar colors worn by opposite sides ( Swiss & Irishs vs Englishs at Fontenoy...) were not a problem when two parallel, clearly set lines of infantry were exchanging volleys. Now, when a column unexpectedly appeared on the edge of the battlefield, confusion was likely, with various amusing consequences... Not easy to implement in wargame rules, then, except as a 'forced' reaction test?

Independantly from colors, uniforms of very peculiar cut could also be misleading: during the Franco-Prussian war, Lanciers were mistaken for Uhlanen, and vice-versa, more than once, with consequence ranging from undue panic to 'friendly fire'....

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks for the comments!
Jeff, I like your suggestion of a slightly golder yellow. I'll see what I can do when it comes to painting them.
Oh, and believe me, I probably wouldn't get very fancy with the cuff lace when it comes down to it (and this is one case where I'm glad for the "paint-by-numbers" minis, as someone called them).
I see what you mean about the John Wayne cavalry, Jean-Louis. I like it. :-)
I will use both uniforms. I think the blue/blue is for Ober-Umlaut. And the blue/yellow, maybe Jingleheimer-Schwartz.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Given the John Wayne comment, rather than Jingleheimer-Schwartz I wonder if something more reminiscent of the Duke might be more fun.

I don't know what a German equivalent might be for Wayne, but you might find something like Jingleheimer-Duke to be fun.

Play around with the concept . . . you might find something you like.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

One German equivalent for Wayne would be Wagner (both names are occupational, having to do with wagon or wain drivers or makers). And duke = herzog - although I don't know if there is a German nickname that is a better fit.
So taking it literally - John Wayne or "the Duke" = Johan Wagner or "der Herzog".
I think I'll stick with Jingleheimer-Schwartz (I just like the ring to it), but maybe their small "army" (a contingent of the Soweiter League's army) has "der Herzog" Johan Wagner as the overall commander... I think I might include some sort of cavalry for them in the future.

(so I've got Errol Flynn, Stan Laurel, and possibly now John Wayne as the starting point for some of my commanding officers, as well as the guys from Kelly's Heroes - LOL)