Saturday, May 31, 2008

A few good lads

The first of the Highlanders are gathering.

The one on the far right is one of the first batch of sculpts I did. I thought they were a bit too clunky so I sculpted another batch and tried to make them a bit slimmer/finer-detailed. The 3 on the left are made from those. The painted mini is a Foundry civilian, for comparison.

Back view of the 3 "slimmer" lads, for a better look at some of the details. The brownish bits were made with a mix of greenstuff and brownstuff, which results in a cured putty that can be sand or filed without being too crumbly.

Now I need to paint these guys, and finish adding bits to more of the base minis to make a unit.

And, at the request of Tippelbruder, a non-miniature, the Lion of the West, my cat, Killian.


Martin said...

Hi Fitz,

Your latest batch of laddies reminded me of a quote about Gen. Doug McArthur's ancestors, "There's nothing up there but heather, rain, and McArthurs." Your guys sure do look the part. I can't wait to see some painted examples. Oh! and Killian looked pretty fierce too!



Bluebear Jeff said...

I suppose that the cat insists that you drink Killian Red . . . or at least that's the excuse you use.

-- Jeff

David said...

Wonderful cat - looks as if he is taking a bow! Thanks for showing his picture. :-)

And your figures look good too. :-)


rpardo said...

At last a brother for my cat Igor...

Dale said...

Let me know when you are going commercial!

Fitz-Badger said...

Sorry, Dale, I have no intention of going commercial. These are for my own amusement, and are not hardly up to commercial standards anyway. That way I only have to please myself. But thanks for the interest.