Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Troops

Introducing the Pandours San Serif, commanded by Colonel Cliché. Sharp-eyed readers may notice their similarity to the Paprikash Pandour Grenadiers, the main differences being the style of hat and the white cuffs vs. the yellow cuffs of the grenadiers.

I seem to be accumulating a fair number of excess officers and NCOs. They're too full of character to not paint and use, but I don't have troops for all of them at this point. They're too martial for diplomatic service or other duties. I think I'll just have to find more recruits to serve under all of those fine officers.


A J said...

A dashing little unit and full of character!

Auston said...

Very well done!

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks gys!
I was going to try painting them a different color, but my original color scheme wasn't coming together, and I really like the red, yellow and white palette I used on the Paprikash Grenadiers.
Yeah, these Pandours minis are very "roguish", waving swords and pistols about. The officers in particular would probably make good pirates. LOL

Capt Bill said...

One can never have too many officers!!!

tradgardmastare said...

Fab figures - well done!

abdul666 said...

Nice troops with nice names!

As for any excess of gentle(or not at all gentle, for that matter)men in fighting poses, they could play a part in some 'adventure' game (of course the fantasy component is optional) -the 'Gloire' rules have a good press.

Cheers, Fitz-Zurik!

andygamer said...
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andygamer said...

Is their colonel's Christian name "Arial"?

Fitz-Badger said...

Ah, Jean-Louis, I think some of my officers/NCOs are some of the very same from those 2 blogs. (too many of them have the officer's "gorget" (if that's the correct term for the bit of metal naging from the neck) to pass as anything but officers)

andygamer - lol
Maybe Helveticus? (I should've thought of that before - I'll have to see if there is a suitable name... maybe I was premature with the Col.'s name) :)