Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Regiment and New Discoveries

First, on the tricorne front, is the Muttonshire (1st) Regiment of Grand Thidwick, commanded by Colonel Geoff "Muttonchops" Willikers. Joined here by his lady, Catherine. This unit is made up of men from the Capital of Grand Thidwick and surrounding areas.

Skipping ahead several decades, we bring you the famous discoverer, Athelred Fotheringay "Fungy" Rodes. Credited (by himself) with the discovery of a new land whilst out on the town one night. It seems the roasted chestnuts he purchased that evening were wrapped in an old piece of parchment upon which was inscribed an old map.

The map depicted a land long lost to history. Once the discovery became known this new land was christened after its discoverer, and immediately preparations to explore Afrodesia were underway.

Sometime later, from left to right, the Intrepid Explorer, Wm Bumbershoot-Psmythe, ready to conquer the jungles of Afrodesia, a pack donkey, an askari in training, and the Intrepid Explorer, Wm Bumbershoot-Psmythe, upon his return from conquering the jungles of Afrodesia.

Some of the people one might encounter in this new land, from left to right, the Rani of Galore, the Kukla Khan of Ollistan, and a pirate lass (the latter can be encountered almost anywhere on the Seven Seas).

All of the above miniatures are from Foundry, except the pirate lass, who is from one of Brigade Games' Buccanneer Ladies sets.

I am thinking I may start an additional blog for the Colonial/Afrodesian Exploration stuff. I've been reading the Jimland Reports which can be found on-line, playing around a bit with GASLIGHHT and getting ready to try out Adventures in Jimland (sort of Source of the Nile meets Lost World). I have some additional Pathan figures from Old Glory that I have prepped and will start painting. Cheaper than Foundry, but should fit in just fine with the Foundry figures I already have. I also have some explorers and other goodies from Old Glory and from Copplestone on order.
I do expect to continue with the tricorne stuff as well, but sometimes it's nice to have a change of pace. One thing I've noticed switching between the tricorne figures and the Colonial is how much longer it takes me to paint the former. Ha ha (but then, I haven't painted any Highland regiments for the Colonial stuff yet)


Bluebear Jeff said...

Nice figures, sir.

The biggest difference that I find between 18th Century and Colonial gaming is in their style.

While it is army vs army for the 18th, Colonial gaming is more of a "skirmish" nature.

They provide nice "changes of pace" from each other . . . which is why I think so many of us like (and game) both periods.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Super figs - well painted. I look forward to hearing more...

abdul666 said...

You know, 18th C. Ballyfoote Alliance can very well send an expedition to Afrodesia....
Who makes fair Catherine Willikers, btw?


David said...

A nice and varied collection - as Jeff says, it does seem that the colonial setting is more for skirmishes than big battles, which makes it easy to get into. Look forward to seeing more...



Fitz-Badger said...

J-L, that is a Foundry figure.

The Adventures in Jimland rules are a combination of exploration and events worked out on paper and encounters played out as small skirmishes on a tabletop. The largest number of natives you'll encounter at one time is 10, and the expeditions consist of no more than about 20 members, at least half of which are bearers. So, definitely easy to get going pretty quickly even for a slower painter like me. It does help to have a good variety of beasts (regular animals, giant spiders and other large invertebrates, dinosaurs, etc.), but I already have a few to begin with.

And even if/when I go to skirmishes with more figures (probably with GASLIGHT) I can build up from smaller forces.

abdul666 said...

The 'Buccanneer Lady' could make a good Gitana / Gypsy; with a sailor sabre? Well, Gypsies go in pilgrimage to the 'Saintes Maries de la Mer' to hnor their patron, Sara e Kali...

Do you know the 'Gloire' rules? They look good for skirmishes such as you intend to play 'oversea'.

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, as I was painting her I debated on whether or not to try for an even more colorful gypsy look.

I actually bought the Gloire rules quite some time ago (and the Under the Black Flag supplement), but haven't done much with them. They seem fine for a very small number of miniatures (like a main character and maybe 3 or 4 lesser characters per side).