Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jungle Terrain

I haven't been totally idle on the gaming front. I have a number of miniatures on the painting desk, which I will post pictures of as I finish them, and lots more in the queue. In the meantime, here is some terrain I have been working on in preparation for the Exploration of Afrodesia.
The various trees are made from wire twisted together for the trunks, branched out in the case of the one tree. With plastic or cloth foliage from aquarium plants or craft plants affixed to the trunks by wrapping wire or twine around the trunks. Then stuck to small pieces of mdf board, with a coating of gray "celluclay" around the trunks and on the bases. Celluclay is a sort of paper pulp that you mix with water. It's pretty lumpy, so not much good for fine sculpting, but great for tree trunks, rough ground, cliff edges, and for making rocks like the boulders in some of these pieces. More painting still to do on them, and probably some flocking.


Jim Wright said...

Dear Mr. Fitz-Badger,

If you have any Jimland questions, just email me.

jimw31 at cox dot net.

Jim Wright
O/O Jimland, where anyhting can happen.

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks, Jim! Will do. I've read through the rules a few times and they look pretty straightforward and easy to follow. I still have a bit of the Jimland reports to read (great inspiration for this kind of gaming!).
Right now I'm working on terrain and painting up minis before I start playing (I know I can play with counters, but I don't want any token expeditions. ;) For me part of the fun is the miniatures and terrain.).

Jim Wright said...


I am a miniatures guy myself. Always used miniatures and cards, not dice roll tables, for all my Jimland games. The counters and lookup tables are Minden Games changes.

I hope you enjoy the game. I would send you some picutres of my games, but a hard drive crash a few years ago wiped out most of my folders and files. Drat! I lost some good stuff. Now I back up on a regular basis.

Ever forward.