Saturday, November 6, 2010

Expeditions Planned

Planning of expeditions to explore the wilds of Afrodesia are in progress. Hiring has begun.

Exploring can be thirsty work.

It is essential to hire trustworthy askaris, gun-bearers and other bearers of the equipment and paraphernalia needed, as well as to carry back any treasures acquired along the way.

The above are all from Foundry

Of course, exotic creatures and peoples will be encountered along the way as well.

The bird and the pygmies and idol are from Reaper (I wish they would make a few more pygmies. 3 is not quite enough to do much.)


Chris said...

Great figures and great paint job -- looks like you've been busy. I especially like the pygmies.

Rafael Pardo said...

It seems as if a great expedition was being planned!

Tomo said...
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Tomo said...

I just thought these Dwarf Zulus might help fill out your pygmy shortage predicament

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks, Tomo! I will definitely look into those. Maybe a Christmas present to myself. :)
(pygmy "shortage". LOL)

Currently I have a few figures almost done and a few more just waiting to arrive and then I can get on with the games.