Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of Mountains and Pachyderms

I managed to finish up some things that have been sitting on my painting desk for weeks. First is another profile mountain. This was intended as a mountain gateway for my dwarves, but after completing it I decided I should've left the middle mountain without a hole so I could use the piece as is as plain mountains, and could also add a freestanding piece as a closed door or an open one. I don't really need the actual hole.

Standing in front of the mountain is Ellie the elephant.

And finally, from Bossanova, the Poltroons. These are light cavalry, commanded by Captain Scramski.

You know the drill, click to make pictures bigger.


tradgardmastare said...

Good to have you back here posting again- hope real life quietens down soon.
Magnificant mountains- wood I presume? Excellent Ellie- what will she transport? Finally some Bossonovnans that look like they mean business- can we expect a battle soon?

Conrad Kinch said...

What wonderful mountains!

Michael Awdry said...

The mountains are wonderful, but Ellie has stolen my heart; where is she from? Mutineer Miniatures?

Fitz-Badger said...

Ellie is from Foundry (when I received the package some time ago it was missing the head. they readily sent me a new package, so now I have an additional elephant torso. I will probably end up melting it down for casting some of my own stuff one of these days - but no hurry!)
The mountains are made with my favorite terrain basing/building material, mdf board. I got a good supply of it a while back and use it for my rivers, roads, profile terrain, buildings, bridges, etc.
I do have plans for the Bossanovans at some point, but I need to get through the current long-running war between the Soweiter League and the Batrachian Empire first.