Sunday, October 28, 2012

Still Alive (and even gaming)

I haven't done much in the way of miniatures gaming or painting since my last post, but I have been trying out various board games and card games. Especially ones that can be played solo, without too much setup, and go pretty quickly. I have enjoyed a fantasy card game called Thunderstone - there are several expansion sets, and a second game called Thunderstone Advance, which apparently is sort of an updated version but with different cards and its own expansion sets. I think most cards from both base games and their expansions can be used in any combination. Another game I have enjoyed is Castle Panic - a lighter game, but with a fair amount of strategy, as well as plenty of luck; it works well solo, an hour or less to play including setting up and putting away, and looks like a fun game to play with other people, too; even people who are not "hardcore" gamers.

I bought a few other games, but the only other one of those I have tried to play so far is Mage Knight. This takes more time to setup, more space, more complicated rules. I think it will have to be saved for when I have more time and energy to spend a few hours on it.

In addition to being fun in their own right I find these games to be a good source of ideas for solo play in miniatures games and other games as well. For example, one of the ways some of these games put pressure on the player is to have some sort of "countdown" and/or "ramping up" of the enemy. So, as you play through the game time runs out to accomplish your mission, or the enemy gets stronger.

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tradgardmastare said...

Thanks for update on your gaming.I will look into these card games...