Sunday, October 6, 2013

Odds and Ends

No new miniature pictures today, but I'm slowly working my way through my old lead pile.Prepping miniatures, and painting again. Some are fantasy figures, which I will post on my other blog as they are completed. Historical (or imagi-nations) and VSF stuff will be posted here as they are completed. Among the historicals I have some lancers prepped and awaiting their turn on the painting desk. I was pleased to find some plastic toothpicks that I think work well for the lances.

For those interested in ships of the mid-1800's I found an interesting book in Barnes & Noble, Ships of the Civil War 1861-1865. I don't know much about the ships of the era (or any era for that matter), so I can't vouch for accuracy. Basically the book consists of 2 page spreads on each of about 100 ships of all different types, from "riverine gunboats through ironclad steamers, to wooden sloops and paddle-driven cruisers" (as the blurb on the back states). Each one has details about size, armament, number of crew, speed, etc; along with a brief history; with a full-color illustration of the ship on the facing page, mostly side views of each ship. If nothing else it might be a good source of inspiration for anyone wanting to build ships or even a navy of the era.

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