Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Batrachian Empire

The Batrachians are sometime opponents, sometime trading partners, and (rarely) sometime allies of the nations of the Soweiter League. The Batrachian Empire (in spite of the grandiose name) would be more than a match for the League, but is usually partially tied up with other matters.
The country of Batrachia is a kingdom to the west of the League, ruled currently by King Leroy the XIVth (or is it XVth?).
The kingdom is divided into a number of provinces, such as -
  • Bordelleaux, with its famed red wine district
  • Haute Cuisine
  • Haute Couture
  • Provenance
  • Savory

The capital is N'est Pas

One of the most noted generals is General Napoleon Soleau. Some say he is a little too ambitious.
His brother Hans is a noted admiral of the Batrachian navy; many have tried, but so far no one has been able to sink Soleau.
One of the least noted generals is General D'Zastre, a political appointee.

Some of the units of Batrachia:
The Black and Blue Curassiers ("looks more like purple to me")
The King's Own Royal Gendarmes (part of the Corps du Roi)
The Chevaliers de Poupon
The Hussars de Panache (Colonel Marquis de Panache commanding)
The Wild Goose Chasseurs (Errant* cavalry commanded by Colonel Padraig "Paddy" de Fois Gras - they can be found anywhere there is a good Donnybrook**)

In the past the Batrachians have invaded nations of the Soweiter League by way of the Faux Pass and the Pass de Deux

* Errant - from the island of Errland or Ere as it is sometimes know
** Donnybrook - an excellent ale from Errland


Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmm, sounds sort of Gallic to me, with the exception of the Wild Goose of course.

As you say, a worthy opponent. Sadly, we've heard rumors that they are considering an alliance with those perfidious knaves of Stagonia . . . (and, as everyone should know by now, the Stagonians are vile, vile, vile!)

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

PS, Stagonia (based on France) is the natural enemy of Saxe-Bearstein).

abdul666 said...

Hi Fitz-Badger,
(almost sure I know you under another name on the OSW&/or SOCDAISY group, btw)
A very, very good quasi-France, & as a french myself I can add very aptly 'sounding' (some puns may be lost for those unfamiliar with french phonetics?). Even the Wild Goose correspond to the regiment of Fritz-James cavalry, though perhaps in the form of light cavalry ('Chasseurs')?
A minor point if I can dare, I'd suggest 'Chevaliers' (knights) [or 'Cavaliers' (riders)] rather than 'Cheval' (horse) "Horse" not being used in french to name a subdivision of cavalry (≠ / english).

I'm sure there's room for more than 1 'quasi-France': 2 (or more) having to cross the Rhine to interfer with Low countries/ Germany affairs, 1 at least south of the border with Switzerland having to pass through Piemond/ Venetia....

Perhaps you could endvisage to ask, If not P.P. Rubenstein, that promising 'David', to make full-color etchings of your army and that of the Batrachian monarchy - following the exemple of Saxe-Bearstein? Indeed we live in the age of the Encyclopedists, it would be fitting to compile the 'Funcken' of the Emperor vs Elector Europe (for a start).

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, the Batrachians consider themselves to be mainly Gallant (I mean Gallic)(maybe with some Belgian influences).

yes, I'm on SOD as Zurik (my dwarf king from fantasy gaming)

Thanks for the tip on Cheval vs. Chevalier! I'll try to amend that.

Not sure if you are familiar with the term "wild goose chase"?

I should start working on uniforms, but part of it is I'm not sure what figures I will use for many of the troops yet. Leaning toward using Napoleonic minis for the Batrachians (but I would give them the same abilities/stats as their opponents in the League.

I'm not too concerned about anachronisms, it was good enough for that great race the Hokas. As I like to say, it's all about the fun. :-)

MurdocK said...


I love the generals names and the hyperbole!

Keep it coming!

abdul666 said...

Hi Fritzbadger,
myself I don't mind too much for the anachronisms!
But -would it be only as a tool to visualize (for yourself) & display your projects of uniforms, you could perhaps use the SYW templates -currently somewhat of a fever on the Emperor vs Elector blog & the OSW group- for both sides. 'Dwarfman' (John Eppes), whose countries are quasi-napoleonic, did it with good effect :

Additionally it makes easier for all the comparison of the various Lacewars s.l. mythical uniforms (will some day make 'our Funcken' homogenous?). After all, traditionalist units kept their colors pattern despite the changing fashion for the cut of the clothes...