Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Lesson in Geography

  • The Duchy of Grand Thidwick

Capital: Mutton-on-Wry

Principal exports: wool, woolen goods

  • Principality of Saxe-Goldberg

Capital: Goldberg

Principal exports: clocks, gadgets, contraptions, toys

  • Saxe-Urquhart

Capital: Gunderburgh

Principal exports: beef, haggis, bagpipes

  • Hesse-Pfeffernusse

Capital: Pfeffernussestadt

Principal exports: baked goods

  • Pfennig-Pfarthing

Capital: Zwei Pfennig

Principal exports: bicycles, carriages

  • Hesse-Offenbach

Capital: Offenstadt

Principal exports: musical instruments

  • Ober-Umlaut

Capital: Umlauterburg

Principal exports: wigs

  • Ballyfoole

Capital: Ballyfoole

Principal exports: fine linens, Donnybrook ale and root beer

  • Saxe-Waldorf

Capital: Waldorfstadtburg

Principal exports: walking sticks, carved wood

  • Santa Sofia

Capital: Aroma

Principal exports: ice cream, confections, chocolate

  • Hasenpfeffer-Heisenberg

Capital: Heisenberg-Hasenpfeffer

Principal exports: cookware

  • Jingleheimer-Schwartz

Capital: Jingleheim

Principal exports: glassware

  • Mayeux

Capital: Mayeux

Principal exports: tapestries, sauces

Here endeth today's lesson.


tradgardmastare said...

My master the Duke requests me to ask if you are willing to send examples of your contraptions and clockworks to the Ducal court as divertisments and possible mercantile commodities.
My master is most interested in clockwork instruments of war.
I look forward to your earliest answer
Martin Ludwig
Meister of entertainments and devises

Fitz-Badger said...

Dear Meister Ludwig,
The closest thing we have to instruments of war are toy soldiers, but we will dispatch a trade representative with exemplar contraptions and other devices.
The same offer is of course extended to all other nations interested in trade relations with the Soweiter League.
If I can locate some of the plans or etchings I will post them as well.
Thank you for your interest.
Your humble servant,
Zurik Fitz-Badger,
Minister at Large,
The Soweiter League