Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Troops, part 4

17. Added basic sporrans and straps and shoe tongues18. Added dirk and bayonet scabbards and shoe buckles (and a silly highland cow sculpted from leftover greenstuff while sculpting the lads)

19. Added dirks to scabbards and finished off shoe buckles20. Finished sporrans, added belts to 2 of the lads. Added bonus - a little Scottish Terrier I sculpted some time ago - good for a regimental mascot, I think. :-)I think this is about as far as I'll take these before trying to make molds. (apologies for the fuzzy pictures in some cases)


Martin said...

Hey Fitz,

Great job! Very impressive. What scale was used? I particularly liked the terrier and cow. Please continue to update us on this project.



Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks! :-)

The scale is roughly 28mm (although, I think the scale has crept a bit, the taller guys are a little more than 30mm tall). I'm trying to make them fit height and heft-wise with my Foundry minis.

Martin said...

Hi Fitz,

I wouldn't worry too much about one or two millimeters in height differences. As I recall, the SGTs used to get us into formation by saying, "Giants to the right. Midgets to the left." A unit with everyone the same height would look unnatural. Besides, where would you recruit for light infantrymen and grenadiers?! HA HA HA.



tim said...

Brilliant Stuff!

The Jocks are coming along nicely and I LOVE the highland cattle and scotty dog!

Snickering Corpses said...

Very nice, and I love the highland cow and the Scottie.

Fitz-Badger said...

Right you are, Martin! :-) (the midgets/giants thing gave me a chuckle)

I was actually considering making grenadiers with the tallest one last night after measuring them.
But first things first. Just waiting on mold-making supplies to see if I can make usable molds.

Thanks, all, for the kind words on the dog and cow. I thought they might be much too cartoony for most tastes, but I'm having fun with them. :-)

A J Matthews said...

You do excellent work, sir! I doff my tricorn to you.