Thursday, April 10, 2008

Green Troops

I haven't been idle, but instead of painting some of the many minis I own I have been lead astray (I mean, inspired) by some other blogs* and I am atempting to sculpt some for myself.
Here are pictures of the first 5 steps, with a Foundry 18th century gentleman for comparison (more pics to follow). Each picture represents 1-1.5 hours of work. This is a big experiment and may come to nothing in the end.
1. Wire armatures (arms to be added later) fleshed out a bit

2. added calves
3. created 2 additional figures and added the base kilts
4. back view of the same
5. musket already in progress; added tops to socks

* inspirational blogs:
Covers in detail making miniatures for gaming
You have to go way back close to the beginning to find them, but there are some cool fun minis made by the author of that blog

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Jerry said...

I love Tim's advancing Brit in tropical kit! Great mini.