Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Bridge on the River Wrye, part 2

I am breaking this report up into 2 posts. This one contains depictions of the forces during the battle, along with some notes ("out of character" notes in italics). An "accurate" account of the actual battle along with maps will follow in a later dispatch.

Most of the artists' depictions that follow are based on some of the initial incorrect reports of the battle (these were some of the better pictures, taken on a sunny afternoon, before my camera's batteries faded. Many of the later pictures were taken after dark and for various reasons did not turn out well)

This first picture is incorrect. In the actual battle the Soweiter forces were arrayed on the bridge and to either side of the bridge on the far bank, while the engineers were held in reserve in case their expertise was needed. (I changed the Soweiter forces initial deployment as I found if I had to blow the bridge they could be cut off from their line of retreat.)
In reality the Batrachians had fewer cavalry and the Queen's Musketeers approached in line not column. (I changed the formations and number of figures in later games - approaching in column didn't allow the Batrachians to bring all of their musketry into play.)
Another inaccuracy is the river was closer to the center of the area of the battle and did not curve off to the north as shown in this depiction. (I moved the river closer to the center of the table, giving the Batrachian forces a better chance of reaching the bridge with enough forces to have a chance of taking it. It also meant shooting could start sooner as they didn't have a sfar to go before targets were in range.)
Some of the early reports indicated that the Soweiter forces devastated the Batrachians with their musket fire. (After this I reduced musket range and chance to hit, only keeping the better chance to hit for the first volley. Although, in this first game both sides fired - it's just that I rolled much better for the Soweiter forces than for the Batrachians).
Another depiction from that first report. The Batrachians were pretty much decimated by the time they reached the bridge, even before any hand-to-hand fighting began.
This is a more accurate depiction of the initial Batrachian deployment, although it still shows more cavalry than they actually had. (I changed the Batrachian inatry deployment to line - gave them a much better chance of causing some serious damage to the Soweiter forces before reaching the bridge as they could get more muskets firing.) The numbers for the Soweiter forces are more accurate, but the deployment is incorrect. They were arrayed on and behind the bridge, rather than in front of it. (Another reason for changing their deployment is it gave them a better chance to downplay the slight numerical superiority enjoyed by the Batrachians.)

Stay tuned for the actual battle report (sorry, no pictures there - the ones I managed to take were too grainy, blurry, washed out and/or dark. There will be maps to show the key junctures in the battle. The rules I used don't really have turns in the traditional you go -I go sense or even in the sense of simultaneous movement, as I mentioned in the previous post about the rules.)

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