Friday, May 29, 2009

Highlanders for Hire

If you visit the Reich Duchy of Beerstein you can witness the arrival of the Saxe-Urquhart Dun Haggis Highlanders, under hire to the Reich Duchy of Beerstein.
Ach, it's loverly, 'tis. Warms the throat (I mean "heart"!) and brings a tear to the eye.
The lads are bonnie, too! All of Saxe-Urquhart is proud of oor lads and their commander Anguish MacDour of Clan Haggis this day!

(The figures are Capt. Bill's own and nice job, too!)
(The name Anguish is "borrowed" from George MacDonald Fraser's book "The Reavers")

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Capt Bill said...

All of Beerstein was pleased to hear of the arrival of Colonel Anguish MacDour of Clan Haggis and his fierce Highlanders. The good Colonel has been invested into the Order of the Goblet along the the commanders of the other foreign units in our service...