Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flag Updates

Submitted for your perusal:
I've been working on minor redesigns of some old flags, as well as some new flags for new units.
The first set are infantry flags for the Batrachians. The 3 on the left are, from top to bottom, the King's Musketeers, The Queen's Musketeers, and the Musketeers de Limbourg. The main thing I'm trying there are slightly brighter colors. The flags on the right are, from top to bottom, the grenadiers, the Pandours du Pinque, and the Pandours du Noir (referred by some as the Pandours de Gris or Grey Pandours - these are veterans) (this last unit is not painted yet).
note - the crosses are meant to indicate the button and hat trim colors - yellow crosses for gold/brass/yellow buttons and hat trim; white/gray crosses for silver/pewter/white buttons and hat trim. Going back I realized I had painted all of the units so far with gold/brass/ yellow buttons and hat trim.

The second set of flags are for cavalry, Batrachian on the left and Soweiter League on the right. On the left, from top to bottom, are the Poupon Dragoons de la Moutarde (again, not much of a change, just a little darker gray and a little brighter yellow), and a unit of Cuirassiers (just finished painting, working on a name for them - I'm thinking something along the lines of the Cuirassiers Royale, sponsered by the king's devoted and wise uncle, Jean-Louis, but lead by a younger more active colonel). On the right, from top to bottom, are the Ober-Umlaut Untersee Horse Marines and the Jingleheimer-Schwartz Cavalry.

I based most of these flags on basic templates posted by Bluebear Jeff long ago on his Saxe-Bearstein blog (search his blog for "flags") or go directly to the flag templates post. Thanks Jeff! Heraldry and other embellishements added by me.

Helpful comments are welcome as always! Snide remarks you can keep to yourself... ;-)

Updates made after helpful comments from Bluebear Jeff and Jean-Louis


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm glad to see those templates in use. The post was on October 20, 2008 and here is a link to it:

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

Now a few comments on your flags. I like most of them, but feel that there could be more contrast with the "crosses" and the unit colors for the King's Musketeers and the Musketeers de Limbourg.

I especially like the two Pandour flags and the Dragoon flag -- they look great!

I was a bit puzzled as to why the first flag on the right had the corner crosses at a different angle . . . and then I realized that they were grenadiers and not line troops . . . and the light dawned . . . a very nice differencing there.

Good work, sir. Very nice.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

They really look good!
I suspect the Pandours du Pinque are the 3rd from the top ('pink')and the Pandours du Noir 2nd
("gris" = grey [UK] or gray [US] and also = dull {day...}; and also fig. = tipsy) or is there some kind of 'anti-joke'?
Looking forward to enjoy the new units!


Capt Bill said...

Your flags are very elegant, but I love the title Horse Marines!

Fitz-Badger said...

Jeff - Thanks! I added the direct link to your flag template post. Also tried increasing the contrast a bit on the crosses. I don't want to take the contrast any further as it makes the crosses stand out more than the fox. One thing I realized was that I had intended the crosses to indicate the button/hat trim colors. I should've painted the King's Musketeers with silver/white (maybe I'll go back some day and repaint those bits...)
(of course once I print the flags out they may look fairly different)

Jean-Louis - As always great input and thanks for the help with the French! I rearranged the 2 Pandour flags to match the text (that's the order I had in mind when I wrote it). I was laughing a little about my dictionary seeming to make a distinction between British "grey" and US "gray". I wanted to go with de Gris as a sort of nickname. The unit comes from the Noir Valley region, dominated by the Chateau Noir. But being veterans and being that the uniform will be more gray than black "de Gris" seemed like a good nickname (a little joke about black panthers vs. gray panthers - in the US gray panthers were (are?) a group advocating senior citizen's rights). It is also a nod at Harry Harrison's sci-fi books, the Stainless Steel Rat series. The main character of those stories is a former thief named Slippery Jim de Gris.

Frankfurter said...

de Gris = de Grease ... now there's a unit for Frankszonia!
Nice flags too ...
Any Spanish guys around? the password to post this being "el yam"?