Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Battle of Sachertortenwald

Artist's renditions of the battle. Battle report with maps and more details to follow in a later post.

The morning finds the Soweiter League's infantry and artillery encamped upon the edge of the Sachertortenwald. (I made the tents with some white plasticard I had lying around, covering with white cloth, painted a cream color. I'm not too "crazy" about the tents. I'll probably try making different ones one of these days.)
The Batrachian forces start to come into view, with the Cuirassiers Royale in the lead, closely followed by the King's Musketeers, and the alarm is raised. The Soweiter forces quickly deploy to fend off the enemy.
More Batrachian forces appear.
The Soweiter forces have deployed into line and march towards the closest hill to prepare their first line of defense.
The Cuirassiers halt to allow the infantry to deploy for battle before proceeding any further up the road.
The Batrachian forces start coming together and arraying for battle.
The Soweiter forces gain the hill.
The Batrachiansm now arrayed for battle, begin their approach.
The battle commences.And continues...
And continues, as the Soweiter forces are pushed back...
And rages on...
And continues (with some undesriable consequences for certain parties)...
Some Batrachian forces near their objective (as noted in a previous report the Batrachians must exit the better part of their forces off the road through the forest to the east), but is it enough?
Leaving a depleted Soweiter army in their wake.

(This action was fought on 2 card tables butted together with an old paper-backed style GW battlemat thrown on top. I reduced the sie of each line infantry unit to 12 figures rather than the full 16 I have painted, and the other forces reduced similarly. This worked just fine as the rules I was using work on the basis of stands, where each infantry unit is usually 4 stands. Thus I removed 3 minis each time a "stand" was lost. I may even try reducing things further to make each infantry unit only 8 minis - then I can treat each of my 16 figure units as battalions with 2 regiments. Far from cool and epic spectacle of "big battalions", but for a solo gamer like me with limited space and a slow painter it seems a workable solution.)


CWT said...

As a fellow solo-gamer and slow painter, I think you put on an excellent little show - I even like the tents! Thanks for posting all the photos to illustrate the unstoppable Batrachian tide.


Peter said...

Love the battle report and pictures.
I hope to achieve the same one day.