Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ballyfoole Light Infantry and More

O'Ryan's Hunters (or Jaegers) of Ballyfoole, commanded by Captain O'Ryan - their origin as dragoons can still be seen in some of the accoutrements and uniform.
Maggie O'Toole, vivandiere for the Ballyfoole army
All of the above, as well as these two are Foundry miniatures.
The following 4 figures are from Askari Miniatures. I had ordered a sample pack and mentioned interests in Northwest Frontier Colonials, French Foreign Legion (ala Beau Geste) and possibly Pulp/adventure (albeit I'll probably go more Victorian era than 1930's). These are the figures they sent. The service was great! I ordered the figures on a Saturday night and received them the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Askari make several ranges that fit my description above, including some figures you don't usually see, like a set of "diggers" for an archeological dig. The fellow with the pickaxe is from that set (I did trim down his left arm a bit. The way it was sculpted it looked like he had a long sleeve on that arm and it was kind of an odd shape. So I shaved off the edge of the sleeve and filed doen the elbow a bit).
Prices are very reasonable, too. I expect I'll be ordering more from them in the future.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Maggie O'Toole is undoubtedly the darling of the regiment . . . a very nice character indeed.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Fitz badger
Could you email me at alangruber at waitrose dot com to discuss a wee writing project relating to classic wargames jounal...
p.s like the figures and look forward to seeing them in action on th etable top!

abdul666 said...

Always pleasant to see a feminine touch of delicacy in a world of bloodthirsty male brutes!
Who manufacturates her?

Chris said...

Great figures! I love Maggie O'Toole -- but I guess all the men in the regiment say that! ;)

I like the colonials too, especially the foreign legionnaire. I've been tempted to look into colonial gaming (largely inspired by your pictures actually) which I've never done before. If I do, I think the Beau Geste style game is probably what I'll go for.

Conrad Kinch said...

For the Colonel's Lady an' Judy O'Grady

Are sisters under their skins!

Glad to see a fellow vivandiere fancier.

Fitz-Badger said...

I thought Maggie might appeal... She is from Wargames Foundry. Yeah, I like to include members of the fairer sex when I can. It's not always easy finding suitable figures.
Alan, e-mail sent.
Chris, I've been looking more into Colonials and Victorian era adventures as a change of pace and a way to have fun on a smaller scale (i.e. just a few figures, not smaller figures!).
I should put the whole Ballyfoole army together for a group shot to see how it looks.

Rafael Pardo said...

Do you think enter colonials? It is a colorful period, for a british of course.... Waiting to see

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, I'm actually getting "fired up" about it. :) Don't expect my Colonial adventures to be very historical though! LOL
There will certainly be British types, but also French Foreign Legion, and maybe others as time goes on. And probably all running around in the same general vicinity.