Saturday, July 24, 2010


No pictures this time, but I do have some minis on the painting desk in various stages of completion (and more recent purchases in the wings!).

What I've been up to lately is further exploration of Colonials. I purchased the GASLIGHT rules after several people recommended them. I think they may be just what I was looking for. Fairly simple, yet adaptable, with main characters and regular troops, small units, mostly simple mechanics (although the rules for distributing casualties seems a bit convoluted; maybe it's not so bad in practice). I've also ordered additional Pathans and a few other figures (from Askari MiniaturesBrigade Games and  Old Glory Miniatures, as well as some more Foundry miniatures. Taking advantage of a recent discount offer for the latter.). Most of these look like they should "play well" together and it gives me more variety for my Pathan units. What I liked about Askari is you can order a sample pack of 4 figures and let them know what you're interested in. I mentioned interest in a couple of genres. They sent me some suitable figures, including one figure not released yet. And the service was very quick. I'm sure I'll be ordering more from them at some point.

Just the other day I was trying to find more info and inspiration for Colonial gaming and happened across Adventures in Jimland . These are a set of rules described as sort of a cross between Source of the Nile  (for those familiar with that old boardgame, which I enjoyed in my younger days) and Dinosaurs of the Lost World - another game I used to enjoy with gaming friends.
I also found reports from Jimland by the author/game designer. These can be downloaded from the NAGSsociety Jimland reports . There are hundreds of pages of reports. I've only just started reading them, but so far I'm finding them very entertaining with just the right touch of humor and adventure. Sure to be a great resource for inspiration. Has anyone played Adventures in Jimland or read the reports?

Now, to get more miniatures painted so we can head off to uncharted lands!

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Chris said...

Can't wait to see the minis on your painting desk once they're finished.

I'm not familiar with Jimland -- but I followed the link you gave and read a couple reports. Very entertaining!