Monday, January 3, 2011

More Native Peoples of Afrodesia

Finished painting more natives for the exploration of Afrodesia. I should have enough natives, explorers, askaris, bearers, and creatures to start playing some games using the Adventures in Jimland rules. I also made up cards for the various encounters. I don't have all of the animals listed in the charts that come with the rules, and I have a number of animals not listed in the charts. That's the beauty of making cards. I can include just the animals and other figures I have, as well as any events I want to include to customize things for my collection and ideas (I could also see customizing the game for other genres. For example, for fantasy, of which I have quite a few figures, or sci-fi. Any period/genre where you want to play as expeditions exploring some new area.). I also got a few more Reaper creatures over the holidays, ready to be painted.
Most of the following figures are from Foundry - their Darkest Africa collection. The one exception is the Pathan sitting on his haunches, he's from Old Glory.

 Same figures as above, from the other side so you can see the shields.


Rafael Pardo said...

It seems a very interesting project!
What rule system do you plan to use?

Conrad Kinch said...

Great stuff. Have you any thoughts on differant tribes and peoples?

tim said...


I just picked up another pile of these off ebay... because... y'know... I don't have enough stuff to work on already...

abdul666 said...

Colorful in more than one way, to say the least!
And you have a whole *Continent* to people...

Btw, they would already have looked the same in the 18th C. (hint, hint...) (:

Best wishes,

Fitz-Badger said...

For rules I am going to be using Adventures in Jimland. They are a simple yet flexible set, with some stuff done on paper and encounters played out with miniatures.

The rules treat the native peoples as fairly generic, with 2 main types: which effects how they can interact with your expedition and what weapons they have. I may paint up more later and make further distinctions (or not). Mostly, though, I think it is assumed that many of the natives you encounter are from various tribes or groups, hence different reactions to your group from friendly to hostile.

LOL, Tim! I know what you mean.

I get what you're saying, Jean-Louis, and I may very well start out with some of my SYW era figures, especially if an expedition includes a few soldiers. But I know I also want to do some 19th century colonials, too, at some point.

Having read the extensive Jimland reports I know there is plenty of scope for all sorts of things to happen in this type of gaming.