Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mythical Animals of Afrodesia?

Native legends abound with tales of all sorts of strange creatures. How many of these tales have any basis in truth is a question some intrepid explorers hope to answer as they delve further into the wilds of Afrodesia. Here follow artist's rendition of a few of these creatures, with a figure of a man for size comparison.

The creatures are all from Reaper Miniatures, a great source for animals and monsters, as well as various characters and such.


Conrad Kinch said...

Mmmm...good Frog there in the second picture.

Does he eat Frenchmen?

Bluebear Jeff said...

I would also suggest that many inexpensive plastic creatures can be found at your local "dollar-type" store . . . or even in toy stores.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Including cheap plastic '1:1' scale spiders in joke shops / novelty stores that are more realistic than many (expensive) metal ones sold as 'gaming miniatures'!

Don't forget the local stories about a city / kingdom ruled by a white, reportedly immortal, witch-queen (Ayesha or Antinea, her name varies with the story-teller: but all agree on one point, SWMBO *hates* to be called 'The Kommanadantur' behind her -charming- back.)

Rafael Pardo said...

The beasts look very bizarre and dangerous.. They will provide lots of histories told at the campfires

abdul666 said...

Good to have the League back on line!

Not totally off-topic, thanks to the frog: I mentioned in a comment on another 'EvE' blog that a French amateur historian / heraldrist 'seriously' put forward that the Fleurs de Lys on the French Arms are a later distortion of original *frogs*: not because some repute of frog-eaters, but because the Salian Frank ancestors of Clovis came from a marshy area... David Linienblatt von Tippelbruder, of NBA fame, was so amused that he sent me quasi-'pean' fields of golden frogs on purple (re. ancient emperors) and green (re. Napoleon -but he choose honeybees) backgrounds.
Would be great for Batrachian Heavy Horse standards! I know, I know, you are dropping Batrachia....


Fitz-Badger said...

Interesting flags, and well-done!
I don't think I ever said I was dropping Batrachia and in fact have ideas for how the future might pan out both during and after the war with the Soweiter League. And I may very well make use of Batrachians for future projects (how does the Batrachian Foreign Legion sound?). I am in a hobby lull right now, and if I get around to doing any gaming it will likely be more Afrodesian stuff, but I am by no means done with 18th century stuff either. I just need "real life" to slow down a bit so I can catch my breath and get back to important stuff like having fun. lol