Sunday, December 25, 2011

Reports Coming in from the North-by-Northwest Frontier

I'm playing a little battle between Soweiter League forces (or the Anglophone portion thereof) and some wild hill tribes of Ollistan. I'm using the Pith Helmet rules as described and reported by Kelroy Was Here . Look for his posts with the "Pith Helmet II" tag. The rest of his posts are worth perusing as well. The rules are also available for free download as Kelroy notes (read his posts to find the link). The downloads include a report of a game played by the rules author. These reports are very helpful in understanding the rules.
I'll post report(s) and pics when I finish the battle. Because I have few figures and a smaller table I am playing with a couple of modifications, well, one really. I'm only using around 6-8 figures per unit (6 for the European side and 4 (cavalry) or 6-8 (infantry) for the natives.) The only rules mod I'm making is to halve all distances. I've played 2 turns so far. Each turn can have multiple phases until units use up their Action Points or decide to pass, so a lot more has happened so far than "2 turns" might make it seem. It's also been a lot of fun. I could see using these rules more (and probably adding some of the author's additions and maybe one or two of my own. I was thinking, for example, that you could leave the jokers in the card deck used for various things in the game and if you draw a joker have some random event happen.). It's possible (probable?) I have made mistakes in the way I am playing, but it still seems to work and as a solo player my opponent/gaming partner has no objections.
(one example of a possible error on my part - if a unit has the action points and the card draw allows it I have moved or fired more than once at a time. So far it hasn't seemed unbalanced.)

Happy Holidays to all! May you have time for toys and hobbies during the holidays and throughout the coming year!


abdul666 said...

Ballyfoole in Africa, other parts of the League in Asia: the Soweiter League turns World Explorer, if not World Conqueror -and it's an excellent thing.

Best wishes,

Bluebear Jeff said...

I hope that you have a wonderful and joy-filled Christmas, sir . . . and a wonderful New Year filled with lots of new toys and many memorable games.

I further look forward to your photos and accounts (and comments about) your Pith Helmet experience.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Merry Christmas indeed!

tradgardmastare said...

Sounds interesting - I look forward to the piccies/battle report...