Friday, January 8, 2010

The Battle of Kuhglockchen in Pictures

The table, expanded out to 40 by 56 inches.
The battle starts

The Soweiter forces re-organize their line

Battle continues

The Soweiter forces react quicker than expected

The Batrachians press forward

Both flanks of the Soweiter line under heavy attack

The Soweiter line falls apart

And the Batrachians emerge victorious.

For this battle I used 8 man infantry units, which allowed me to fit more units on the table. Some of these units were created by splitting some of my existing 16 man units. For the cavalry I used 6 man units, and 4 man for light infantry and artillery. The number of figures in all cases determined the number of dice I threw for firing and for melee. I counted a 6 as a hit, or a 5 or 6 with the first volley of infantry. Cavalry attacking infantry got hits on 5 or 6. If the unit taking the hits was in cover or cuirassiers (because of their breastplates) they could save on a roll of 6. I also used some similar simple "rules" for morale. I didn't measure movement or ranges, just moved or fired at distances that seemed about right. Very "fast and loose".


tradgardmastare said...

Looks a great fun game..

Capt Bill said...

Very good photos and report. Sorry to see our brave Soweiter League allies so roughly handled...

Jim Wright said...

Nice looking figures, table, and overall game.

I'm intrigued. I have limited space, but dream of a 25mm+ figures, individually mounted, in an "old school" type game.

What rules are you using as basis for your games?

You have my attention. Whether you want it or not! :-)


Rafael Pardo said...

Wow... you have made a great job... I love your AAR's and the schemes!
This Grant Scenario remember me the battle of Albuera
Thanks for sharing!


This is great FB - I'm intrigued at the way you play - very much the way I do myself! I wonder how many others do the same?
Abandoned commercial rulesets years ago myself.
Those dastardly Batrachians have done it again - I'll consult with the Herrschaden Direktorat of Informationen, the Ordo must have had a hand in this...


Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks for the comments! :)

I started to comment on rules here, but I think it might deserve a post on its own.
The quick answer is I didn't use any rulesset, commercial or otherwise, for this game. :)

tidders said...

Neat little battle

-- Allan