Friday, January 8, 2010

The Battle of Kuhglockchen

Using Grant's Programmed Wargame Scenarios, scenario 5, The Weak Flank

The Soweiter League, General Hemminghaw
Jingleheimer-Schwartz Musketeers
Saxe-Urqhuart Highlanders
Mayeux Musketeers
Ballyfoole Grenadiers
3rd Glossopshire Croats
Saxe-Waldorf WaldJaegers
Jägers zu Pfeffernusse
Jingleheimer-Schwartz Dragoons
Heisenberg-Hasenpfeffer Hussars
Offenbach Artillery
Saxe-Goldberg Grenade Launcher

The Batrachian Empire, General de Siécle
Paprikash Grenadiers
1st King's Musketeers
2nd King's Musketeers
1st Queen's Musketeers
2nd Queen's Musketeers
Musketeers de Limbourg
Pandours du Pinque
Cuirassiers Royale
Wild Goose Chasseurs 1
Wild Goose Chasseurs 2
Chasseurs de la Moutarde
Poupon Dragoons
Royal Artillery 1
Royal Artillery 2

After receiving reports that the Batrachian army was on its way General Hemminghaw, commander of the Soweiter League forces in the area ordered his army to prepare for battle. As he expected the Batrachians to advance up the road from the south General Hemminghaw arrayed his forces along a ridge facing south. The Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders were placed in reserve behind the main battle line, while a small force composed of the 3rd Glossopshire Croats and the Jägers zu Pfeffernusse to guard the flank from inside a small woods.
Meanwhile, the wily old Batrachian commander, General de Siécle, had marched his army around to the west to hit the Soweiter line in the flank.
The battle opened with the 1st Queen's Musketeers and the Pandours du Pinque attacking the small force in the woods. About the same time the Hasenpfeffer-Heisenberg Hussars swung around to face the approaching Batrachian army.
Both sides exchanged fire.

From their vantage point on the hill the Ballyfoole Grenadiers were the next to turn to face the Batrachians.

The Heisenberg-Hasenpfeffer Hussars charge the 1st King's Musketeers, while the 1st Queen's Musketeers and Pandours du Pinque charge into the woods to attack the flank guard.

Meanwhile, with uncharacteristic alacrity, General Hemminghaw starts to re-organize his forces into a battle line facing west.

The Pandours du Pinque destroy the Jägers zu Pfeffernusse, but the 1st Queen's Musketeers are driven off by the 3rd Glossopshire Croats. In the main attack the 1st King's Musketeers destroy the Hasenpfeffer-Heisenberg Hussars. The rest of the Batrachian forces continue their advance and the Soweiter battle line continues to take shape.
The Ballyfoole Grenadiers and the 3rd Glossopshire Croats start pulling back towards the main Soweiter line.

The Batrachian advance continues, hitting the northernmost part of the Soweiter line first.
In their eagerness the Paprikash Grenadiers get out in front of the rest of the Batrachian line and take heavy fire from both the Mayeux Musketeers and the Jingleheimer-Schwartz Musketeers. Already hurting a bit from their initial encounter with the Ballyfoole Grenadiers this hail of fire wipes them out.
The battle really heats up, with volleys rolling up and down the lines of both armies. The Cuirassiers Royale, personally lead by General de Siécle, charge the Jingleheimer-Schwartz Dragoons and, at the other end of the line, the Pandours du Pinque charge the 3rd Glossopshire Croats.
The Wild Goose Chasseurs 1, having taken heavy casualties from fire by the Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders, are driven off by further fire from the Saxe-Goldberg Artillery (grenade launcher).

The Batrachian forces surge forward and attack the Soweiter line. The 1st King's Musketeers charge into the Mayeux Musketeers and drive them off. In the north, the 2nd Queen's Musketeers hit the 3rd Glossopshire Croats in the flank, causing heavy casualties, but the Glossopshire Croats hang on.
Melees continue all along the battle line.
The 2nd King's Musketeers charge the Ballyfoole Grenadiers, but the Grenadiers hold their ground. The 2nd Queen's Musketeers finally destroy the 3rd Glossopshire Croats. This opens up the Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders to being hit in the flank by the Wild Goose Chasseurs 2, causing heavy casualties on the Highlanders.
The Cuirassiers Royale wipe out the Jingleheimer-Schwartz Dragoons.
With the south flank opened up the Cuirassiers Royale sweep around and destroy the Offenbach Artillery. Meanwhile, in the north the Wild Goose Chasseurs 2 wipe out the Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders. Farther down the line the 2nd King's Musketeers destroy the Ballyfoole Grenadiers.

At this point the Soweiter League forces, deciding discretion being the better part of valor, retreat and leave the battlefield to the victorious Batrachian forces.

I didn’t really use a rules set for this game, just a few ad hoc rules as I played the battle out.
(Photos to follow in a second post)

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