Monday, January 18, 2010

More New Troops

The Pfennig-Pfarthing Pfreicorps, brother regiment of the Hesse-Pfeffernusse Pfreicorps previously shown, lead by Col. Schilling.

General Jacques von Pflugnickel, of Pfennig-Pfarthing (known as "One-Eyed Jacque"). His mother was from Mayeux, his father from Pfennig-Pfarthing.

The Freicorps and the general are Foundry figures. The dogs are from Gripping Beast, a bear hunt set I bought some time ago. Here's the bear from that set. There are more of the same dogs in the set.


Bluebear Jeff said...

nicely done, Fitz. Is the one dog supposed to have that white-tipped tail?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Yep, I wanted a little variety. :)
Those are Hasenpfeffer Bearhounds. Some have white-tipped tails. ;)

abdul666 said...

Thanks for sharing!

tidders said...

Very nice, always a pleasure to see your posts

-- Allan

A J said...

Lovely figures and paintwork, sir! Good luck to the doggies if they want to tackle that brute!

Chris said...

Really cool! That "One-Eyed Jacque" sure has a lot of character (and a great name to go with it).


andygamer said...

With the camera angle on the first photo, it looks like the man from the second rank is trying to choke the NCO in the front rank using the polearm. :^)