Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Brief Recess

Since the geography lessons are past the mid-point I thought you might enjoy a brief recess.

An officer of the King's Grenadiers enjoying a respite while on maneuvers.

This new Batrachian unit is the King's Grenadiers (or Grenadiers du Leroy), commanded by Colonel Jean-Luc Petard.


andygamer said...

Hey, Fitz! That's Not Safe For Work!

Imagine--a grenadier guard unit without a flag.

Capt Bill said...

The Officer in the Grenadiers certainly looks like the kind of fellow the Reich Duke of Beerstein would like to hang out with....

Fitz-Badger said...

Sorry, Andy (what are you doing looking at this stuff at work anyway?! My work blocks these blogs) - lol

Oh, there will be a flag, I just haven't drawn it up yet (although I know what it looks like). All of my units get flags. It's my ImagiNation and that's the way we do things here! :-)

abdul666 said...

long time you have not posted one of your so pleasant vignettes.
Sheer curiosity, who manufactures the "warrior's respite"?

Your King's Grenadiers ("Grenadiers du Roy": 'Grenadiers de Leroy' would refer to the family name of their colonel, or to a toponym) are a very good-looking regiment, as always.


rpardo said...

The guy "enjoying the life's plaisirs' is the Colonel Petard himself?
A good vignette!

Fitz-Badger said...

Jean-Louis, the King's name is Leroy, so I was trying to build on that. So, would it be "du Leroy"?
Maybe this poor benighted monolingual should stick to Anglicized names, n'est pas? (my limited knowledge of French comes from things Hogan's Heroes, Hercule Poirot, and the bits that have been "borrowed" by English. lol

Rafa, I believe you are correct.

The vignette is from Foundry, as are all of my 18th century miniatures so far. I like the variety and characters and vignettes and since I keep my units small cost is less of an issue.

Martin said...

Looks like the buxom lass is enjoying being hoisted upon the good colonel's petard!

abdul666 said...

from a SOD member I should have guessed that the king of a French-speaking country, 'le Roy', would have 'Leroy' as his family name! Been dense, sorry. Then 'regiment de Leroy' is perfectly correct (I'd be unable to express immediatly the rule for chosing between 'de' and 'du' - been doing it automatically for... 63 years?, but forget the wording of the 'law'!).

Your 'French' names are perfectly correct and generally charming. Don't underestimate your mastery of French, e.g. you do not ab/misuse "l'" & 'd'" are most 'EvE' fellows (basically, in written 'good' French -as different from spoken familiar one- "l'" & 'd'" are used only if followed by a vowel). Keep using French when 'in-(Batrachian)-character'!


abdul666 said...

If Queen Marie Suzette is the charming young person her name suggests, I doubt any Foundry would be as appropriate as Black Scorpion's Governors Daughter.

If you map her native provincs, you could borrow names from the old Carte du Tendre: e.g. the three towns of Tendre-sur-Inclination, Tendre-sur-Estime and Tendre-sur-Reconnaissance (on three different rivers), the charming villages of Jolis-vers, Billet-galant and Billet-doux...

Now, mere given names can be misleading -specially to a romantic mind- and Marie Suzette may be an ugly, old hag? Hope not - I'd be cruelly disppointed!

abdul666 said...

"Immensely irritating pedantic mode ON"
Would not all Batrachian units bear French names - Mousquetaires de la Reine, Mousquetaire du Cardinal, Chasseurs d'Oie-Follette (ou 'd'Oie-d'Irlande'?), Dragons de Poupon &c... ?

Perhaps the same for the troops from Mayeux -obviously a charming French speaking country? One could argue that 'Mayeux Musketeers' by English being the official common tongue of the League -but would not rather German be the official common tongue of the Liga?

Nitpicking and boring as you run-of-the-mill @n@£ retentive 'historical wargamer'!


Fitz-Badger said...

As always I value your input (even if I don't follow all of your advice! :-) ).
As for the names, let's say this is being chronicled by an Anglish scholar and the official language of the League is English (because Grand Thidwick was the first member, and provided the League with Fitz-Badger, the first leader (must think of a title, nothing fancy though).
As for Batrachia, yes, I suppose most units actually have French names. I think I'll go with your suggestions (maybe add them to posts along with the English version of the name - which may not be an exact translation). I think the Wild Goose Chasseurs may be an exception, with their official name being in English. Indeed, Batrachia may be semi-bilingiual with a sizeable minority of the population speaking English first and French second (similar to Quebec or Belgium with its 2 languages).

As for Queen Marie Suzette you can see a picture of her at - an attractive and delightful young woman (yeah, I'm a sucker for attractive women with French accents! lol).
These are her fancy royal "duds" (clothes). I imagine her to be the sort who can also be more down-to-earth, too.
In my world Batrachia is by no means a villain. I like the idea of having 2 protagonists (the League and Batrachia) I like. I can root for either or both. Much of the conflict between the 2 is due to misunderstandings, different goals, meddling by certain foreign powers (Bossanova, for example), and sometimes overly patriotic leaders (General Napoleon Soleau may fall into this category). It's not all "black hats vs. white hats". :-)